Exciting New Krita 4.0

Apr 03, 2018 at 02:07 am by nickcharles

Krita 4.0 was just released last month and marks one of the biggest new releases the software has seen. For those who are not familiar with Krita, it is a free and open source painting software at its core, but capable of so much more.

New features are plenty in version 4.0, and here are just a few that really jump out:

New SVG format for vector tools - Krita 3.0 used the OpenDocument Graphics format (ODG) for vector shapes and paths. In version 4.0 the vector tools were rebuilt to use SVG, so now these vector shapes can be opened in many different programs. The workflow for the vector tools was also changed up for the better.

New text tool - You can edit font size, line height, color, font weight, italics, and more. And the text editor pop-up includes a rich text editor and SVG source editor panel.

New Python scripting - Now you can create scripts to create and manipulate images and much more.

Colorize Mask Tool - Fill in line art quickly with just a few strokes! Seriously cool.

Brush Editor Improvements and Live Preview - The Brush Editor has been updated and includes a live preview, so you can immediately see any settings changes you make.

Masked Brushes - Now you can basically add a second brush tip with different settings and blending modes, which can get you some really unique results.

There is so much more in Krita 4.0, including a new darker theme, new brush presets, larger brush sizes, and greater performance. For the full feature list, check here.

Krita has really come a long way, and it's been exciting to watch it grow. It's free and open source, so why not give it a try?

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