Interview with Digital Artist Alyn Spiller

Mar 30, 2018 at 12:00 pm by mhaase75

Northern Kingdom Alyn Spiller

Alyn Spiller is a freelance digital artist from Wales. His focus is on environmental art, and his work will leave your jaw on the floor. I reached out to Alyn immediately after the first glimpse of his talents, and he was kind enough to lend an interview with a little insight as to who he is as an artist and where his inspiration comes from. Enjoy his interview and some samples of his artwork below. 

Arcane Stones

What inspires you to create these beautiful landscapes and scenes? 

Inspiration is everywhere, I'm inspired by the movies I watch, the music I listen to and the places I visit and live in. All of these play a big part in shaping the work I create. However, above all else, it is the work of other artists that inspire me the most. Whether it's studying the work of a master or another up and coming artist, it never fails to inspire or motivate me to improve and create richer, more artistically sound pieces of art.

When did you first get into art? Was there another form of art that inspired you before you started using digital resources?

I was a latecomer to the art game and never really showed much interest as a kid. I was a young adult when I finally started to develop a passion for digital art in particular, so much so that I dropped out of University where I was studying web design to pursue a career as a self-taught digital Illustrator.

What tools do you use to create? What software or hardware?

For digital art, the standard is a decent computer running your preferred programme (Photoshop in my case) along with a graphics tablet, I currently use a Wacom Inutos 4. It is possible to create impressive digital paintings using only a mouse but it doesn't compare to the freedom and accuracy of a tablet.

All of your pieces seem to tell a story with a single image. Have you written any stories to accompany the images, or do you let them speak for themselves?

Despite having talented writers in my family, it is not a skill I posses, so I leaving the writing to them. However, I often receive comments from writers who have been inspired by a piece of my work to create stories which is always very flattering.

What advice do you have for other digital artists?

It's an increasingly competitive market with many talented artists out there who can do it all, regardless of genre or whether it's painting environments, characters or even 3D modelling. Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and create things that might feel a little out of your depth, something I was definitely guilty of for a long time. This only limits your skills and growth as an artist. Push the boundaries and learn new techniques whenever possible. It goes without saying, the more you practice the faster you will improve and reach your goals but everyone knows this. Something that plays a big part in any success that I have is social media and promotion. In today's society, it can literally make or break a product/business. Making an effort to post regularly on art community sites right from the beginning, played a big part in getting my work out there and noticed by potential clients. By building a fan base from an early stage, your work becomes much more accessible and increases your potential audience, which can lead to future business. Feedback is also a great way to accelerate the learning process. There are numerous websites/forums where other artists will happily critique your work.

I'd like to thank Alyn for his time and for sharing his talents with us. Please check out the full breadth of his work using the related links below.

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