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Dec 27, 2016 at 11:26 am by nemirc

The internet is a curious thing. A few years ago, making a website was very difficult, and you could not even watch videos online, but in the last years, applications running directly on your browser, from text editor and presentation software, to image editing applications, have become very common. FotoJet is one of those applications.

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You can think of FotoJet as "Mac Photo app + Illustrator + Instagram running on your browser" (just to clarify, that's not the official description from their website). The applications allows you to upload your pictures, add corrections and effects, frames, and then download the resulting picture.

The workflow is pretty simple. Basically, you select the picture you want to upload, and then start editing. The basic editing tools include cropping, resizing, rotating, exposure and color correction. You can also use advanced tools like noise, vignette or focus (more about advanced tools later).

Remember the "Instagram" part? FotoJet also includes an effects tab that reminded me of the Instagram filters. These are nice, since they offer the ability to apply presets to your image, rather than going through many different effects until you get the look you want. Each effect category has different presets that you can use, so you're not limited to a single look.

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FotoJet also includes a library of clip-art that you can use to add to your images. You can also add text, frames and overlay effects. Overlay effects are pretty much images not rendered at full opacity, so they give your image a different look. For example, there's a "fabric" overlay that will make your image look like a piece of fabric.

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Since FotoJet is a web application, it runs within your browser, regardless of the OS, without the need to install any kind of client. You need to install Flash, though. Windows and Mac support Flash (not sure about Linux), so the app works well on both platforms.

FotoJet also includes a collage module that lets you create collages. You can create your plain-frame collages like the ones you find in social media sites, but also more elaborate collages for cards, invitations, and other things.

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If you're like me, then you know collages are pretty easy to make in Photoshop. However, you must also admit that Photoshop is overkill for collages. This is the reason why apps that allow you to make collages quickly and easily are more than welcome. A nice touch of this one is that it updates as you drag your pictures outside the predefined boxes, creating a new spot for the new image.

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The other module is the design module. This is a very cool module that lets you quickly and easily create different kinds of brochures, cards and pamphlets. Some of these designs allow you to add photos, but photos in this module are not as prevalent as in the other modules.

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As I mentioned before, FotoJet includes advanced tools. These tools are only available to subscribers. Similarly, some tools from other categories (effects, frames, etc.) and modules (collage and design) are also subscriber-only tools. You can either get a monthly subscription or an annual subscription, depending on what you want. Monthly subscription is $4.99 and annual subscription is $34.99 ($2.92 a month). As a comparison, Photoshop CC is $9.99 as part of the Photography Plan. However, you have to keep in mind that FotoJet and Photoshop CC are aimed at 2 different kinds of users.

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I think you should give FotoJet a try. It's certainly not aimed at the power user, so it's not like it wants you to stop using Photoshop. However, it has a lot of very nice and time-saving features that can make it a pretty good alternative when you just want to get something done really quickly.

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