#DigitalRomance : Love at first site

Oct 23, 2015 at 07:10 pm by nemirc

If you've met your significant other, husband or wife on a gaming site, I'd love to hear all the details. I'm a sucker for romance, so listening to your stories, warms my heart. This story-- written by anonymous-- will make you melt into a thousand pieces. Well, at leats that's what it made me do. If you have a story you wish to share, please e-mail: hopeandlove@renderosity.com.

10 years ago I found the online art communities, gaming communities and the various websites at the tip of my fingers, ooohing and aaahing at the endless possibilities online, at the endless forms of art everywhere, inspiring me weekly, hourly, minute by minute. I couldn't get enough of the charm of 2D,3D art and online gaming was a form of art to me as well.

You see, I was dying a little inside, in a loveless marriage, I had my children and my pets, but art had been missing from my life for many years. I was lonely. Very lonely.

Art brought the spark back into my life with the wonders of photoshop, which I learned first. The endless ideas, so many tutorials, I fell in love instantly. This became my first online love.

As I tinkered and played with, created with and toyed with, I found gaming sites online that referenced Renderosity and other 3D art sites. Not really fully understanding what these sites were about, I explored the many colorful artworks and products, amazed and impressed by the expertise put into these amazing products and works of art. From top seller all the way to the brand new vendor, I was in awe at the creative time and effort spent on these products and how they pieced together to make stunning art. I spent a couple of years eyeing up the talent and wishing I knew how to create such things. Then, one day, a new online love was born. Poser 5 was being given away free ! After 2 weeks of trying to get a download, I loaded my first figure. Love at first sight.

Over the years, I managed to learn these programs, buy the upgrades, learn to texture, model, followed by a little animation. I've become married to the 3D world.

In my personal life, my children grew up, moved out and my marriage ended. But I was no longer as lonely. I had art in my heart, filling up every empty spot imaginable.

A couple of years later, I discovered more online gaming. World of Warcraft to be exact. I spent my mornings with coffee and my content creation, loving every pixel. I would spend my afternoon in the sun with my pets, grateful that they were there. I would spend my evening on World of Warcraft, my breath taken away by the large expansive world, which I could fly around in and inspect the thousands of in-game models, marveling about the time and effort spent on the details in game.

I met Michael. Who spent time with me in game, who cheered on my artistic ability and even inspired me to be more creative. He made me laugh every day,and made me smile at every thought of him. We spoke the same things at the same time. We thought about the exact same things and we dreamed about the same lives for our futures. We lived in different countries, but we had to see each other face to face to decide if this was what we really thought it was.

Months later and many pixels later, we met at the airport, him flying many many miles to meet me. We knew instantly. It was like something out of a 1950's romance scene. He scooped me up into his arms, looked into my eyes and kissed me. I had found another love.

Another hole in my heart had been filled that I didn't even know was there. But, I began to dream again, about the future, about life, about art. I saw more color in the world and I began to feel happier. It's been a year now and he tries to come to see me as often as he can. I don't know where this adventure will lead, but I do know this. My path began with art and online love.

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