Chinese artist draws inspiration from his family

Dec 19, 2017 at 11:02 am by SchelleFire

RainbowLight, a.k.a., Hai-feng Yang, creates characters and fashion products for Poser and DAZ from his home in Beijing, China.

He moved to China's capital about 15 years ago from his hometown of Zhangjiakou in Hebei province, the site for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic alpine skiing competitions, he said proudly. Now he lives in Beijing with his wife and son, "a lovely and clever boy."

Growing up, RainbowLight was fascinated by traditional Chinese art and dreamed of being a painter, but he trained in graphic design instead.

"After graduation, work has been unhappy, so I began to learn computer graphics, learning design, so I started the art of design," he said.

He had found happiness in 3D modeling.

How long have you been designing and why did you start?
RainbowLight: I started learning graphic advertising design (Photoshop) in 2003, and that was my first contact with computer graphics. In 2005, I started touching 3D design and started learning 3ds Max. Learning 3D software also included Maya, Rhino, Poser and so on. I like that design is derived from your own interests. I grew up liking painting, especially deeply fascinated by the traditional Chinese ink painting, and dreamed of growing up to become a painter. But I did not become a painter, the university-learned professional is not an art professional. After graduation, work has been unhappy, so I began to learn computer graphics, learning design, so I started the art of design.

What is your favorite software to create with?
RainbowLight: 3Ds Max is my favorite and most important 3D authoring tool. I am so fascinated by this omnipotent three-dimensional creation tool. It is like a pair of my wings, so I can in the imagination of free time and space to fly. The vast majority of my 3D models are created by 3Ds Max. Photoshop is my most important graphic design software. I mainly use it to make texture maps.

What inspires your creations?
RainbowLight: My wife and my only child, they are my favorite people. Especially my son, I want to provide him with a better life and educational environment. I hope my son will grow up to become a really valuable person, who can serve more people.

What is your favorite thing to design?
RainbowLight: Characters and fashion design.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
RainbowLight: Product quality is the soul of my artwork. No matter how I will absolutely attach importance to product quality, the pursuit of the spirit of the craftsmen, the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of better. My product type will be more abundant, and soon in the future, I will release a set of western cowboy series of clothing.

What is the process of creating images like for you?
RainbowLight: Normally, the first is to find creative inspiration and material. It must consider many factors, such as season, clothing fashion trend, movie stars, hit movies, etc. Of course, these must be my favorite, only I like, I will try my best to do it best. Next, is to use 3D software to create 3D models, then make texture map, finally character rigging and rendering image in DAZ Studio or Poser.

What are your plans for future projects?
RainbowLight: No special plans. The most main is to want to speed up the creation, speed up new product updated speed, increase the number of product library, if possible, may be created characters.

Find more of RainbowLight's creations and products in his store.

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