Motion Weekly - Feb 27, 2016

Feb 26, 2016 at 10:58 am by nickcharles

Motion Weekly

The Motion Weekly is a showcase of awe-inspiring short films, animation and motion graphic works from around the web. Some pieces featured have been created by professional studios, while others may be personal works. May this weekly segment serve to inspire you.

Nobody's Girl - Book Trailer

Book trailers have become a very popular way to promote books. I found this one from Animal Media Group very compelling with its continuous motion and revolving shot around the car.

Info from Animal Media Group:

A trailer we created telling the story of, "Nobody's Girl," Barbara Amaya's Memoir of Lost Innocence, Modern Day Slavery and Transformation. It is her journey from a trafficking victim to human rights advocate, weaving together a story of loss, pain, courage, and transformation.

Available at

Directed by Animal
Creative Director: Idil Gozde & Samm Hodges
Producer: Ally Oleynik
Art Director: Idil Gozde
Storyboards: Idil Gozde
Design: Idil Gozde, Gavin Kosko
3D Animation: Lenny Wilson, Carver Koella, Gavin Kosko, Idil Gozde
2D Animation: Idil Gozde, Gavin Kosko, Kris Boban, Sean Wright, Jordyn Bowers, Lauren Simmons, David Good
Original Music & Sound Design by Paul Zito

Lien Fatal Project - Pitch

Definitely a cool pitch from SHED animation studio. Incredible work and concept. Do check out the breakdown video, too.

Info from SHED animation studio:

We did it for a pitch.

Client : Canal D

Canal D is a Quebec TV channel that features non-fiction content on a variety of subjects. Towards the end of 2014, we proposed a concept for the opening credits to their flagship program titles "Lien Fatal".

The creative direction for the spots came from the concept of making links and relationships between things. Followed this we created a dark and abstract environment, where particles, lines and other elements connect and deteriorate in mysterious ways.

- See more at:

Conception, design & Animation: Gabriel Grenier, Geoffrey Skrajewski & Guillaume Combeaud.
Son: Gabriel Gagnon, Apollo Studios

Breakdown :

Annee: 2015

Halt and Catch Fire Main Titles

Titles for the AMC series "Halt and Catch Fire." Have I mentioned how much I love opening titles? This is very cool, stylish work that fits the subject well.

Info from Antibody:

Produced by _Elastic
Creative Direction by_Antibody

Executive Producer_Jennifer Sofio Hall
Director_Patrick Clair
Art Direction_Eddy Herringson
Animation and Design_Raoul Marks

Logo Design_Paul Sangwoo Kim

Production Manager_Bridget Walsh
Typography Consultant_Jennifer Walsh
Visual Researcher_Pat Da Cunha



I love the shots, edit, feel, and message of this piece...

Info from film director Gunther Gheeraert:

Inspiration is everywhere. This is a tribute to passionate people I have met, unforgettable places I have visited and beautiful arts of dance, music, sport, poetry and photography I will always love.

Agency: Extreme Muse
Marketing and press: Cecile Brun
Creative Director: Romain Roger
Art Director: Julien Bouvier
Starring: Lydie Vareilhes, Maxime Michel, Emy, Federico D. La Vega.
Music: Mooders

Camera: Canon 5D Mk III RAW mode with Magic Lantern
Lenses: Canon 14mm 2.8, 24mm 2.8, 50mm 1.4, 100mm 2.8, 70-300mm

Thanks for watching!

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