Procedural Modeling and Animation and Houdini

Mar 03, 2016 at 09:16 pm by nickcharles

In tandem with our ongoing Learning Houdini journals, we are sharing one of Rohan Dalvi's free tutorials. In this tutorial, Rohan talks about the difference working "procedurally" makes in the 3D creation workflow. If you don't know about Houdini and its procedural-based operations, check their website page on the "Procedural Workflow" first.

[from Rohan Dalvi's Vimeo page]

This video aims to explain what exactly is Procedural modeling and animation and how it applies to Houdini.

Rohan Dalvi.

P.S. You can download the lungs file at the link given below

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Procedural Modeling and Animation and Houdini from Rohan Dalvi on Vimeo.

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