Motion Weekly for April 4, 2016

Apr 03, 2016 at 11:24 pm by nickcharles

Motion Weekly

The Motion Weekly is a showcase of awe-inspiring short films, animation and motion graphic works from around the web. Some pieces featured have been created by professional studios, while others may be personal works. May this weekly segment serve to inspire you.


This wonderful short film won an Academy Award in 1959 for Best Short Documentary. Well deserved - it still looks incredible today.

Glas from Aeon Video on Vimeo.

An exuberant Oscar®-winning film on on glass-blowing, automation and all that jazz. Directed by Bert Haanstra.

More on this documentary: Watch more on Aeon: Subscribe:

Charles X - Can You Do it

I love, love, love the look and color palette of this music video.

Music video directed for the charismatic LA-born musician Charles X for his eagerly anticipated new single entitled Can You Do It in mixed 3D/2D animation produced by Eddy and animated at Brunch Studio.

This collaboration is intended to act as a social commentary which aims to cast light on perceived societal expectations and social norms by integrating elements and people from different walks of life.

I sought to merge the typically highbrow sport of horse racing with the commonly misrepresented "mean streets" of Pacoima, the proud birthplace of Charles X, to challenge any stereotypes or preconceptions of race and social class which may exist in modern day society.

I wanted to communicate Charles' intended message via the lens of an artificial world in my own style of animation.

"Can You Do It" is now available on Charles X's new album, "Sounds of the Yesteryear":

Physical store Cd / Lp

See more about Charles X on Facebook:

Label: Alter-K
Lyrics: Charles X
Music: Redrum

Director: Quentin Baillieux
Production :
Co-producers : Les Androids Associés (previz)
Executive Producer : Corry Van Rhijn
Producer : Julie Bellemare
Animation studio : Brunch
Post Production : Nightshift

Storyboard : Noé Lecombre
Character design : Wandrille Maunoury
Typography : Pierre-Alban Kientz
Modeling : David Arnould, Clement Lauricella, Valentin Samuel, Théo Dusapin
Set up : Adrien Gentil, Maxime Cozick
Animation 2D : Michael Bataille, Tristan Poulain, Amélie Maurice
Motion Design : Almir Nago
Animation 3D : Axel Digois, Aline Hananel, Johann Le Pouder
Rendering : Candice Theuillon, Remi Julien, Mathieu Maurel, Jean-Charles Kerninon
Previs Artists : Les Androids Associés - Volcy Gallois-Montbrun, Tristan Laville, Guillaume Robert, Henri Zaitoun
Editor : Benjamin Massoubre
Color grading : Gabriel Porier
Color grading consultant : Luis Arteaga

Stagiaires développement : Arthur Chaumay, Leïla Courtillon

Thanks to: Nicolas de Rosanbo, Jean-François Bourrel, Mathieu Hue, Julien Desplanques, Nolwenn Hajo, Franck Duchene, Charles-Philippe Bowles, Celine Vanlint, Moses Yohannes, Raphaelle Tinland, Olivier Rigout, Laura Rouvellat, Nicolas Guibert.

Karawane (hommage a Hugo Ball)

Adapted from the Dadaist poem "Karawane," by german author Hugo Ball, this wonderfully weird short film utilizes Terry Gilliam's (Monty Python) animation style.

This film was made as an exam at Illyés Akademia of Arts's animation department early 2015. The task was to make a poem adaptation, so i did choose Karawane a dadaist poem of Hugo Ball. Art Brut, Avantgarde, and the new aesthetics of the 20th century was a huge inspiration during the working process, and so Monty Python's Flying Circus, and all the Terry Gilliam stuff. Specially thank to Miklós Galla hungarian humorist for the narration, Tamas Patrovits and Jozsef Spanyik, and Tamas Zanyi, whom without this film could've not been finished.

Film was Official Selection at 'Primanima World Festival of First Animations' (08.2015.)
Short of the Day at 'CartoonBrew' (03.03.2016.)
Student Showcase at 'Show Me the Animation' (03.03.2016.)

Wittenstein - Mechatronic Harmonies

A real feast for the eyes. This 3D short film, with organic and mechanical imagery, conveys a process of translating one language to another - symbolizing the mechatronics technology of manufacturing company, Wittenstein.

"Mechatronic Harmonies" is the new chapter of our long term collaboration with Wittenstein. Complete feature on

Wittenstein is a leading company on the global stage for the development of high-precision electro-mechanical systems. In April 2015 Wittenstein contacted us to brief and inform our team of their latest technological evolution in the field of drive systems for motion control.

After a series of meetings at their laboratories, we were asked to translate all the instructions and knowledge we received in images and sounds, but within a well defined task limitation: no technical data could be conveyed in a linear or didactic manner. At the end of our sessions, our creative team has decided to evoke the concept of Mechatronic Harmonies. This is the result.


Concept abstr^ct:groove

Film Direction & Motion Design abstr^ct:groove
Director/Creative Director LUIGI PANE
Executive Producer GIADA RISSO
Executive Producer NICOLA CASATI (Officine Video)

Post Production abstr^ct:groove
3D Modelling & Animation PIERPAOLO MANTUANO
3D Modelling & Animation SERGIO FORNASIERI
3D Modeling & Animation DAVIDE DULCAMARE
Art & Motion Design VALENTINA VICINI

Sound Design FRANKY B
Electric Hurdy-Gurdy performed by PIERPAOLO CAPUTO

Thanks for watching!

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