Motion Weekly 12

Apr 26, 2016 at 09:59 am by nickcharles


Very cool particle animation and some great lighting, done with Houdini and After Effects. Watch this one full-screen. Excellent message: "We are tomorrow's Spring."

A motion design sequence with a birth of abstract flowers for a more natural and colorful future.

Direction / Art Direction / Music : Niels PRAYER Production : Supamonks Studio

Softwares : Houdini/Mantra/After Effects

Wood Naturally - Wood Wise: Building Planet - and People-Friendly Homes

A fantastic, smooth-flowing motion graphics piece from Kasra Design.

We got the great opportunity to work with the good folks at Ogilvy West for the production of an explainer video to educate and entertain viewers on why they should choose softwood lumber as their home building materials and the relevant benefits.

Client : Wood Naturally Agency : Ogilvy West Script & VO : Ogilvy West Illustrations, Storyboard, Sound Design & Animation: Kasra Design


This piece is absolutely mesmerizing. Powerful performance art and magic...


Probing the illusive boundary itself, Interstice presents the veil as a self-contained magic trick: a shapeshifting second skin loaded with potential energy to manipulate identities and temporal-spatial dimensions that would otherwise be rendered immeasurable in its absence. Interstice is an attempt to pass through the veil that obscures our collective vision to reach a space in-between. An interstitial space.

Directed by Andrew Thomas Huang

Featuring Flex artists Bones the Machine, Slicc, & Brixx

Producer: Sophia Rothbart
Executive Producers: Adam Joseph & Tom Berendsen

Cinematographer: Alexander Khudokon
Production Designer: Lauren Nikrooz
Costume Designers: threeASFOUR
Choreographer: Jason Akira Somma
Original Music by CFCF
Editor: Armen Hartootun
Visual Effects by Wolf & Crow
Special Effects & Fragrance Design by Stephen Dirkes
Helmet Designs by Savannah Wyatt & James Marsella

Voice Talent:
"Tao Te Ching" read by James Lee
"Olive Tree" by Chyi Yu read by Mike Fu

Unit Production Manager: Francesca Consarino
Assistant Director: Dave Ebel
2nd Assistant Directors: Amanda Rodriguez & Blake Wilson
Assistant Camera: Anton Du Preez
Gaffer: Smokey Nelson
Key Grips: Will Gottlieb & Garrett Cantrell
Grip & Electric: Zach Frank & Will Gottlieb
DIT: JJ del Rosario
Special Effects Assistant: Adam Maiolo
Art Assistants: Megan Kiantos, Jonathan Qualtere & Tim Ferro

Hair & Makeup Artist: Christyna Kay
Wardrobe Stylist: Sasha Sheehan
Production Assistants: Tyson White, Rebecca Tiernan, Dennis Nguyen, Lucca Galloway

Wolf & Crow:
Executive Producer: Kevin Shapiro
Compositors: Lindsey Fry, Cecilia Sweet-Coll & Martin Tzonev
Post Production Coordinator: Kitty Walsh

Sound Mix by Paul Seradarian
Sound Mix Studio provided by Shapeshifter Post Production

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Tom Berendsen, Casey Burry, Song Chong, Leanne Elliot, Sara Greco, Adam Joseph, Mazdack Rassi, Sophia Rothbart, and Kevin Shapiro

Publicis Botanical Projection

Now, how cool would it be to have animated wallpaper in your office? Well, I would love to actually have an office. But, if I did, having this beautifully-illustrated animation loop displayed would be wonderful inspiration.

Publicis commissioned illustrator Katie Scott to create an animated "living wallpaper" for their London office. Together we created two seamlessly looping animations for display on an ultra-wide projector system and an LCD video wall. The animations evolve slowly over time, creating a subtle sense of movement with their fantastical botanical activity. This brings an intriguing feeling of change to the space in which they are displayed.

Thanks for watching!

Have some inspirational motion work to share? Drop me a line at: with the subject line: Motion Weekly.

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