Easy 3D Video Compositing with iClone

Apr 11, 2016 at 11:23 am by nickcharles

3D compositing has always been a challenge for video creators as it has been difficult to find, and master, 3D animation software with enough flexibility and ease of use that would allow artists to focus on their special effects, and not so much on the complicated process of actually working with 3D assets.

But with iClone's real-time capabilities, 3D compositing is somewhat simpler since users can easily manipulate 3D objects, and animate characters in combination with video billboards, video textures and video cutouts provided in popVideo formats. If you are wondering what popVideos are, they are basically transparent, cutout videos that are ideal for iClone 3D video compositing. Now, 3D compositing in iClone has been further enhanced with additional iClone content packs like the new Super VFX 200 pack, which is a collection of some of the best video effects from industry veterans - Digital Juiceâ„¢. The popVideos in this pack contain alpha masking information already embedded into their videos, allowing you to quickly click and drag them into your 3D scenes to integrate them into your animated projects.

This demo/tutorial introduces and shows you how to use these transparent popVideos in a variety of scenarios for; background videos, revealers, infographics, as well as some cool-looking fire effects and smoke components as well. Now, you don't have to acquire this pack, and how you use iClone is up to you, but this video can provide you with a lot of great ideas and options on how to improve your video production workflow.

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