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Jun 07, 2016 at 05:34 pm by nickcharles


"Seasons" is a surrealistic journey through seasonal transformation. Erica Hu presents her artistic take on each of the four seasons in stunningly animated detail. Using tools such as Cinema 4D and After Effects, incorporating colorful imagery, animation, and live footage of smoke and ink bleed, all set to a perfectly fitting musical score, it is a journey that at just under two minutes is something that sticks with the viewer long after.

This film, which Erica originally posted 5 years ago, is still my absolute favorite in style and flow. I had interviewed Erica about this film almost 4 years ago now, but it is such a great piece that I wanted to share it again for anyone who hasn't yet seen it.

Seasons is a surreal motion graphics animation based on the changing seasons. Beginning with spring, the richly hued illustrations in this work come alive as they transform in color and rhythmic tempo to reveal the full seasonal spectrum.

Software: After Effects, Cinema 4D, Maya(Goldfish and Jellyfish)

Room Service

Fantastic character animation, great concept, and overall stunning look to this film.

Directed by Ghaith Al-Talli, Vincent Brossard, Yannick Dondi, Julie Evain, Marie Greff.
Music by Daisy Herbaut.

© MOPA (Supinfocom Arles) 2014 -


Great visual style in this 2D animation. Love the idea behind this film.

"Cacophony " is a 2D animation and motion graphics video that combines illustrations, abstract textures and color to create patterns that visualize unseen daily sounds. Through the eyes and ears of a young girl, the viewer can escape the harsh sounds of the urban environment and find solace in a serene inner world.

We are surrounding by too much information and noises sometimes we feel overloaded. But don't lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset. Find balance in life and just moving on!

2016 School of Visual Arts, MFA Computer Art Student Film

Software : Cinema 4D/ Photoshop/ After Effects

Animation: Melody Shih Sound Mixing: NANAJOU ( ) Sound Editing: NANAJOU / WenguHu


Another great story, as well as visual style. This wonderful film was created using Photoshop, TV Paint, and After Effects.

Short film I've done during the Gobelins/Calarts Exchange program. It was an amazing experience !

Click here to see more films by my classmates:

Showreel Pick of the Week

This week's Showreel Pick is that of the incredible effects work of CoSA VFX. I especially love their work on Gotham.

CoSA's Fall 2015 reel featuring work from Gotham, Minority Report, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Person of Interest and others.

Check out more of their work here.

Thanks for watching!

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