George Michael on Freedom

Mar 22, 2017 at 08:25 pm by -gToon

"I'm more experienced sexually than I was as an 18 year old. So maybe it's time for that to start reflecting in the music." - George Michael on November 10, 1986, as told to Joe Smith

George Michael was 23 when he sat for this interview, which has never been broadcast before. He had just embarked on his solo career after leaving Wham!. During the conversation, George Michael talks about his sexuality and shedding his pop-ballad persona ala Careless Whisper. He sounds confident in striking out on his own and sees a clear path to super stardom, but he openly talks about the fear that lurks within that fame might be his demise. He reflects on the power of his fame, as he recalls the historice trip Wham! took to play in communist-China in 1985.

You can hear the full, unedited interview on our website:

This interview was uncovered in the Joe Smith Collection at the Library of Congress

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