Animation Grand Prize Winner: bsteagal

Dec 31, 2015 at 04:58 pm by -gToon

So, our Holiday contest was a success! We had so many amazing entries and thank you for your participation. There were only 4 winners in each category, but if we could, we would have given you all prizes, but unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

Anywho, please congratulate Animation Grand Prize Winner: bsteagal for his creation and read more about how he created it!

This animation took a couple of weeks from start to finish. I got started late due to work and other previous engagements, so the end result was not quite finished to the extent that I would have liked. I had to employ several shortcuts to get finished on time! For example, I wanted to render it all in Daz Studio with Iray, but the renders with all the characters and background was taking about 15 to 20 minutes per frame! I also had issues with importing my characters with animation into Daz Studio, so I had to find other ways to do it.

So, to cut down the time, I only rendered the background in Daz Studio--the whole environment without the characters-- then just guesstimated the lighting in Motionbuilder and rendered the characters there. I then put everything together in Adobe After Effects, layering to generate basic reflections, DOF, etc.

The theme of the contest is what inspired me, but I didn't want to do something cliché by just putting two characters kissing under a mistletoe, so I opted to go with something funny. There's always that one person that thinks he's cool but everyone just finds annoying. In this case, instead of getting slapped, he got a big wet kiss from a pooch instead of his dream girl..

I've been a member of Renderosity from way back. I don't even remember how far back, but looking at my account, I see one of my earliest purchases was back in 2008.

I have participated in the contests before and once I got an honorable mention and I won a few years ago, so perhaps this might be the last one I enter.

I've been involved in art ever since I can remember. My parents were crafters and artists and I studied metalsmithing in college, almost 30 years ago.. has it been that long? I started doing digital art and animation about 10 years ago, when I began to teach Sunday School, trying to find ways to keep the kids that were brought up with videogames interested in what I was teaching them. If it was boring me, then it surely was boring them.

My first efforts were really, really bad, but in the following years, I taught myself what I could watching tutorials, getting involved in the industry and now I'm starting to get the hang of it. I am still very, very far off from considering myself a pro or even an artist. The trick is never to give up!

Check out his contest entry here.

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