Grand Prize Winner in 2D Category: Nimeria

Jan 05, 2016 at 02:52 pm by -gToon

So, our Holiday contest was a success! We had so many amazing entries and thank you for your participation. There were only 4 winners in each category, but if we could, we would have given you all prizes, but, unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

Anywho, please congratulate 3D Grand Prize Winner: Nimeria for her creation and read more about how she created it!

How long did it take: This image took approximately 20 hours, spaced out over 5 days. The fine lines in the characters hair took some time to do, and after working away for a few hours, I felt like my eyes would start to cross so I would take a break and come back again the next day to work a bit more.

What inspired you to do it: When I read the theme of "Under the Mistletoe" I immediately knew I didn't want to do a traditional couple (meaning human I guess), but I did want to still have that idea of love and connection. Chickadees are birds that I have fond memories of from winters as a child, and some kind of fairy or fantastical creature seems to show up in my work more often than not, so I combined the ideas into one image. I also set out with the idea of doing a traditional line drawing to practice my line work. It had been some time since I had produced any kind of image and I felt a bit rusty.

How long have you been a member and have you participated before? I joined Renderosity in 2011, and have participated in Halloween and Holiday contests in previous years as well as the Miss Renderosity contest. I like trying to create an image to fit a theme that I didn't choose myself; it shakes up my thinking a bit and usually inspires more images than just the one I end up submitting. This is the first time I have ever submitted in a category other than 3D.

How long have you been an artist: This is a harder question for me to answer than it should be. I have been drawing and painting for most of my life, but I always had this idea that to be called an artist I had to successfully sell my work. Then when I did begin selling pieces I thought well no, to be called an artist you have to be in a gallery. Then when I had work in a gallery I once again thought no I can't call myself an artist yet, I'm just not good enough at it. Years later and I still mentally cringe when I say that I am an artist, but I do say it. I have learned that creating art is a fundamental part of who I am and how I relate to the world around me, and that is what makes me an artist - not external acceptance.

It's odd to be saying that in this particular setting given that this is part of an interview about a contest which of course requires there be judging. Why I want to say that here is for anyone else who might be reading who, like I did, believes that they need a win or a prize or some other kind of external validation to earn the right to call themselves an artist. Having external recognition is thrilling (and I truly am thrilled) but it should never be what an artist defines him or her or themselves by.

Thank you again for your interest, and thanks to the Renderosity community and its sponsors!

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