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Nov 17, 2015 at 07:54 am by -gToon

Announcing the Release of Smith Micro's POSER 11 and POSER Pro 11

Renderosity is very proud to announce that Smith Micro has officially released the newest version of their 3D application, Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11. Note that Poser Game Dev has been incorporated into Poser Pro 11.

Renderosity has always had a very special relationship with Poser. In fact, renderosity began as a Poser-user community and still has a very passionate focus on Poser both with individual artists and in the renderosity marketplace with our vendors. A new version of Poser will affect all of these groups and we believe Poser 11 will have a very positive impact.

We intend to provide you with what you need to create with Poser. We won't abandon years of established workflow. All improvements are carefully designed to retain as much compatibility as possible. We understand that you have huge collections of content and one of our goals is to keep all of it working as we move forward. Most importantly, we know that without YOU there is no Poser. You are the center of the Poserverse and we will support you.
-Charles Taylor (Poser Product Manager) "The Future of Poser"

Poser 11 splash

What's New in Poser Pro 11

New Features & Improvements: Note that some new features are available only in Poser Pro 11. Also, Poser Game Dev has been discontinued and all features incorporated into Poser Pro 11. These are only some of the major updates to Poser for a full list please visit the main Smith Micro Poser 11 website

  • NEW! Game Development Features (PRO) - Poser Pro Game Dev features have been added to Poser Pro 11, including game asset creation tools for Figure Combining, Polygon Reduction, Unseen Polygon Removal, FBX import/export and Kinect for Windows® support, all designed to produce size-efficient 3D character assets and scene files for gaming and Unity®.

  • NEW! SuperFly - Physically Based Rendering - Integrated from Blender's Cycles Render Engine, SuperFly brings the power of physical rendering inside Poser by accurately rendering light the way it behaves in the real world, making it easier to produce hyper-realistic renders. The technology uses the same familiar materials as FireFly, so existing Poser users will recognize much of the SuperFly material system. GPU rendering is supported through Nvidia CUDA. (PRO only). For faster renders, Poser Pro 11 users will be able to harness the power of their Nvidia graphics card when using the SuperFly renderer.

  • NEW! Improvements to Cartoon OpenGL Render - Control all your comic mode settings with one easy-to-access panel. New Geometric Outlines automatically produce a geometry-based outline around figures which make amazing "ink" lines in OpenGL preview. The width of the geometric outlines for each material can be adjusted with settings in the material room. You can create different "ink" weights for different parts of your figures and even set the outlines' width to be controlled by key frames in your animation. This allows dynamic adjustment of "ink" weight in an animation.

enter image description hereCartoon Render improvements in Poser 11

  • NEW! Actor Selection History - This works like the history in your web browser, allowing you to keep track of recently accessed objects with back and forward buttons. You can see the whole history by right clicking the history buttons, and hot keys can be assigned to the previous and next actor (just like a web browser). This makes it easier to navigate through the actors in a scene while posing, and you always have a list of recently modified parameters at your fingertips.

  • NEW! Custom Parameter Palettes - Add frequently accessed parameter dials to custom palettes so you can always have those dials at you finger tips without selecting different actors or lists. The palettes are saved with the figures and with a scene.

  • NEW! Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts - This highly-requested feature allows you to customize the Poser's hot keys. Assign the keys you want to frequently performed tasks and map menu commands to the hot keys that you choose. You can also match the hot keys between Poser and your other programs so there's nothing new to memorize.

  • NEW! Smooth Translation of Joints - This new rigging feature allows for smooth, weight mapped linear translation of body parts for smooth translations and a whole new dimension of control to figure rigging.

    enter image description here
    Smooth Translation of Joins in the new Poser 11

  • NEW! User Adaptable Rigging System (Creation is PRO) - Automatically set a figure's joint centers to match a drastic morph and automatically create the needed dependencies. Match clothes with one simple check box. Extreme morphs sometimes need the rotation centers for joints to be moved to accommodate the morphed shape, and this new tool automatically sets up the rig to match the morphed shape.

  • NEW! Export a Partial Scene (Pro only) - When working on complex scenes, sometimes you need to separate parts out. This feature allows you to choose exactly which figures, props, lights, and cameras are included, and you can easily merge the scenes later on.

  • NEW! Caustics - This simulates the way light reflects and refracts in a realistic way so you can accurately reproduce the behavior of light on refractive and reflective surfaces, like lenses focusing light and water creating ripples of light.

  • NEW! Volumetric Materials - Materials that transmit light can also produce volumetric effects which can simulate absorption and diffusion. This feature simulates the way light behaves inside a transparent object, like light picking up color in stained glass or being diffused in fog or smoke.

  • NEW! Measurements & Text Props (Creation PRO, Playback STD) - This allows you to create precise measurements in a Poser scene that are highly useful for forensics and recreating real world scenes. With a few clicks, you can create measurements that respond to the actors in the scene. As you move objects in the scene, the measurements update in real time.

Measurement Props in the new Poser 11

  • NEW! High Resolution Display Support - This is a user-adjustable interface scale setting that resizes the entire user interface. If you have a high DPI monitor, you can scale up the interface. If you have a small monitor, you can scale it down to maximize screen real estate. It's also useful for accessibility because the UI can be scaled up for easier reading. The addition of UI scaling makes Poser much easier to use on high DPI displays and allows easier accessibility for users with limited vision.

  • NEW! Subdivision Surfaces (Creating morphs PRO) - Multi-resolution morph targets. In Poser Pro, you can create high-resolution morphs right on the subdivided geometry and use the Export Morph Injection tool to share them. More robust handling of poor geometry. Using the latest version of Open SubDiv, we have better support for meshes that were not designed for subdivision.

  • NEW! Figure Symmetry Improvements (Rigging symmetry is PRO) - Separate symmetry for rigging and posing. Symmetry is selectable down to individual body parts, giving you much more precise control over it. In custom mode, you can select anything from one body part to the entire figure to copy.

  • NEW! Improved Library Search - Search your local library as well as partner brokerages for relevant items. Create wish list items you may want later. Tag content so you can build your own custom groups for easier content management. The new library will seamlessly include content from online sources and filter it by your own customizable tags.

  • NEW! Alembic Export (PRO) - Point cache format for export gives you faithful reproduction of animated scenes in production pipelines.

New Architectural Improvements

  • NEW! Single Installer for Poser 11 & Poser Pro 11 - Now there's a single installation regardless of Poser version. Makes upgrading easy, there's nothing to download.

  • NEW! Activation System - Now users will benefit from added security through the activation system

  • NEW! HTML & JavaScript-based Content library - Will function as a portal to search for content. Fewer compatibility issues in user systems

  • NEW! IDEs & Compilers - Visual Studio 2013 and Xcode 6

  • NEW! 3rd Party Component Updates - Embree 2.4 and OpenSubdiv 3

Poser Pro 11 RenderRendered with the new Poser Pro 11 Superfly renderer

Among other things, Poser's integration of Cycles, (currently code named SuperFly) is going to give you a much-requested feature: rendered caustics. SuperFly will use the same material room you already know from FireFly. You won't need to learn a new material interface.

Another part of the SuperFly implementation is the addition of Area lights. Area lights are just what their name implies an adjustable light source that isn't just a pinpoint. This gives you much more realistic highlights, reflections and soft shadows. You can also make any object become a light simply by increasing its ambient value.
-Charles Taylor (Poser Product Manager) "The Future of Poser"

Availability of Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11

Poser 11 and Poser Pro 11 are available now (Nov 17, 2015) from the Smith Micro website.

Poser 11

  • MSRP $199.99
  • Upgrade pricing from Poser 6 or higher $99

Poser Pro 11

  • MSRP $499.99
  • Upgrade pricing from Poser Pro Game Dev, Poser Pro 2014, 2012, 2010 and Poser 11 $249.99
  • Upgrade pricing from Poser 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and Debut $349.99

Want to learn more about Poser Pro 11's new features? Attend Poser Product Manager Charles Taylor's webinar on November 18, 2015. You can find out more details and register here.
enter image description here

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