Architects Use NVIDIA'S Iray to Shape the Sunlight in Their New Silicon Valley Headquarters

Dec 10, 2015 at 09:00 pm by -gToon

NV's new buildingNVIDIA Iray rendering of the heart of their new building in Santa Clara.

NVIDIA'S 500,000+ square foot building (due for completed in approximately 2 years) in Silicon Valley is shaping up to be one of the most unique buildings in the world due the the unprecedented level of light modeling that architects can do using Iray, NVIDIA'S physically-based rendering technology.

In an early December NVIDIA blog post, writer Phil Miller goes into detail about how lead architect Hao Ko, of Gensler, is able to simulate sunlight for the entire 2 floor building using the physically based rendering technology of Iray.

"With Iray we can see how sunlight interacts with the design over long stretches of time," said Scott DeWoody, creative media manager at Gensler. "By observing how the sun moves across the sky at different times of the day and year, we were able to detect -- and mitigate -- a hotspot affecting about 70 square feet of the interior office space."

Their work was helped by the NVIDIA Material Definition Language (MDL), which allows designers to craft digital materials that accurately depict the physical materials they are specifying.

MDL materials incorporate real-world measurement data and easily assemble, blend and mix layers for rapid customization. They can then be shared between applications, or even with other MDL-compliant renderers. It's what enabled Gensler's team to match their real-world specification and maintain design intent as the project moved between teams and applications.

NV's New BuildingNVIDIA Iray rendering of stairway leading to mezzanine, in our new building in Santa Clara.

Iray plug-in for 3DS Max and Maya
The technology Gensler uses to create and shape physically-based lighting for NVIDIA'S new building is available now as a plug in for 3DS Max (the Maya plug-in is coming in mid-December). The plug-in is available at NVIDIA'Sonline store.

You can learn more about Iray at NVIDIA'S Iray webpage. For application developers, NVIDIA Iray SDK and vMaterials are also part of NVIDIA DesignWorks, a curated suite of development tools, sample code and advanced libraries for developers of CAD, AEC and rendering applications. - See more at:

An Introduction to the NVIDIA Iray for 3ds Max rendering plug-in Video


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