Feeling Proud About Your Artwork

Sep 14, 2015 at 03:44 am by -gToon

You know how it feels to create a piece that you're proud of and want to share it with the world. I feel the same way when it comes to writing. As soon as an article of mine is published, I usually post it on social media for others to enjoy it as well.

After all, you've just spent countless hours by a computer creating a 3D photo and so it's only natural to want others to view your work. Whether you're a perfectionist or someone who isn't bothered if every single piece matches, you have a unique way of creating art. You see art all over the place and your definition of it and mine may not be the same. However, at the end of the day, art is how YOU see it.

"When we say art, most people are going to think paintings and sculpture, old masters, Impressionism, modern abstracts, but when you consider that art is an expression, a capture of history, a societal statement, even an attempt to get a response, I then see art in many things," says Don Webster aka London224.

Everyone has a different definition when it comes to art because art is subject to your own opinion. Art allows you to express yourself and create whatever is in your mind.

"To me, art can be found in lots of things," says Don. "An emotional well thought-out letter can be a piece of art."

Don notes the way he sees art is through emotion. He's often mesmerized by a Japanese garden, the 16th chapel and he's fascinated with creating clothed figures. "It can be happy, sad statement played out in a painting."

To some, art is about paintings, exhibits and portraits you see in museums and galleries, but to others, it's so much more than that. The fact is we all spend plenty of time working on our artwork for the same goal.... Because we absolutely love it, feel accomplished and satisfied.

"There is nothing better than seeing and sharing something that one has done themselves," says Don.

Some people who are deeply in love with art and would do anything in their power to create pieces regardless of the amount of time and money they have. Art lives in their heart and they could never imagine not creating portraits, paintings, 3D artwork or anything that involves the imagination.

"My artistic efforts are for self-expression and a means to challenge me. They allow me to meet like- minded people, help starters, provide both models and prints to those who have touched my heart in some way, the loss of a dear pet, a FB friend that is at the moment down," says Don.

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