Geomeric's Adds Dynamic Reflections To Its Game Lighting Software Enlighten

Dec 02, 2015 at 11:50 pm by -gToon

Recently, Geomerics took another step in its quest to bring the most realistic and accurate lighting to games by adding "screen-space independent dynamic reflections" into its game lighting software Enlighten.

In the past, reflections were normally shown only when they existed in a player's field of view, or "screen space". This new addition by Geomerics means that artists can design reflections into games that are not dependent on field of view, which is a more accurate representation of real lighting. What's more, the reflections, like all of the lighting designed with Enlighten, is dynamic and can update in real time. It is also far less costly in a technical sense than other options on the market, allowing the functionality to scale from mobile games to games running on high-end PCs.

A new blog with details on the Reflections feature can be found here:

The video can be found here:

What is Enlighten?

Enlighten is the industry's most advanced dynamic lighting technology, delivering real-time global illumination across all gaming platforms.

Global illumination, or indirect lighting, is the biggest contributor to the cinematic quality graphics today's consumers increasingly expect. Delivering global illumination in real-time can be performance intensive and is the most demanding application for today's computing devices.

Enlighten computes the effect of indirect lighting in real-time. By precomputing the surface-to-surface visibility of the static geometry in the scene, compact runtime data is generated and used to compute the global illumination for any lighting configuration or platform. Lights, materials and objects in the scene can be moved and updated at runtime with the global illumination updating in milliseconds.

This runtime technology is designed to interact smoothly with the developer's graphics pipeline and computes industry-standard outputs: light maps, spherical harmonic probes and reflection captures. These are combined with state-of-the-art relighting models during shading to light the world to high quality.

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