Photography Grand Prize Winner: VJerney

Jan 06, 2016 at 04:27 pm by -gToon

So, our Holiday contest was a success! We had so many amazing entries and thank you for your participation. There were only 4 winners in each category, but if we could, we would have given you all prizes, but unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

Anywho, please congratulate Photography Grand Prize Winner: VJerney for her creation and read more about how she created it!

Inspiration was easy to find while living with these two amazingly cute cats. Anytime during the day I'm never surprised when I find these two curled up in a ball together. We had Bruce, who is in the foreground, for years but got Raven, sitting under the mistletoe, when a coworker needed to find good homes for some kittens. Bruce always loved Raven and cuddled with her right from the start. So when your contest came up with a theme of Underneath the Mistletoe, I couldn't help but think of the cuteness between these two cats.

I think the concept of the image was a lot easier than actually wrangling the cats during the shoot. LOL For the background and anything else in the image I wanted it to be simple, because the cats were the focus of the image and I didn't want to take time fixing props during the shoot. To make that happen, the mistletoe was hung from the ceiling with fishing line and then two fishing lines were fastened the bottom of the mistletoe and attached to the table the cats were sitting on, so the mistletoe would stay in place and not move. Then I put a fuzzy blanket over the table to create a feeling of warmth and provide a color contrast with the black cats. Also I used a lighter background so the cats would stand out in the image. With the stage set, I got the two cats and started shooting away. I gave them treats and put cat nip around to help position them in the frame. It took a few photo sessions to capture the look that I wanted.

I joined Renderosity in November 2014. My husband had been a member for quite awhile and enjoyed the community. He talked so highly of the site, I wanted to become a member too and see all the amazing art.

I've loved photography since I was a child and continued that love into the present. I do love dabbling in all sorts of arts and crafts. Recently I took up learning how to sew with my daughter. Also I purchased a Nomad brush to digitally create pictures using the brush to draw directly on my iPad using a sketchbook app. It's all a ton of fun.

I wanted to send out A Huge Thank You to everyone who was involved in the contest. It is a great honor to be recognized by this community that promotes and supports so many wonderful artists.

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