MAXON Webinar: Basic Fluids Simulation Workflow with Cinema 4D & RealFlow

Jan 15, 2016 at 11:53 pm by -gToon

Save the Date: Jan. 28, 2016, 4:30 PM (CET)

In the past, advanced fluids simulations were reserved for large film productions because of their immense cost, high-end software requirements and massive render times. There are in fact numerous uses for these types of simulations: they are, for example, an integral part of advanced motion design and professional product visualizations. Even though the tools required to create these simulations have become notably more affordable and the advances in processor architecture even make it possible for freelancers and smaller studios to meet the requirements for rendering these simulations, the belief is still prevalent that convincing fluids simulations can only be created by experts with a corresponding scientific background.

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In this basic skills webinar, Danish 3D designer and Cinema 4D lead instructor Thomas Andreasen shows that this belief is no more than a myth. Thomas, who himself only recently started creating his own fluids simulations, shows that Cinema 4D and Next Limit RealFlow have clearly lowered the bar significantly. Thomas uses a perfume advert as an example for demonstrating how to quickly create visually stunning results.

This webinar lasts about one hour and you can send questions during the session via chat. To allow more time for the webinar content, we will collect your questions and answer them comprehensively with the help of product specialists from Next Limit. We will make the answers available for all attendees as a downloadable FAQ document!

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Speaker Bio

Thomas Andreasen started in the advertising industry in 1991. In the late 90s he started focusing more on creating visuals in Photoshop and 3D applications. He has been using Cinema 4D professionally since 2000 and founded his first company in 2006. In 2010 he opened his own 3D production studio, A3D, which focuses on creating high-end visuals for a number of multi-national companies as well as for smaller local clients and also instructs them in Cinema 4D. Thomas is MAXON Lead Instructor for Scandinavia. He teaches and demonstrates Cinema 4D in several northern countries as well as at international shows and events.

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