Corel releases PaintShop Pro 2018

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On Wednesday, Corel introduced PaintShop Pro 2018, the complete photo editing and graphic design suite that offers more speed, flexibility, and creativity than ever before.

Enhance your editing experience with a redesigned and customizable user interface that's now friendlier with high-resolution displays and pen and touch devices. Start and finish your next project faster thanks to improved performance under the hood -- and express your creativity with more than 125 pieces of exciting new content including brushes, gradients, textures, and patterns.

"Whether you're looking for professional photo editing power or just getting started, you need software that lets you jump in and be productive right away. PaintShop Pro now lets you choose from two unique interfaces, plus it gives you the ability to customize them to build an editing and design environment that's uniquely your own," said Chris Pierce, product manager for Corel Photo. "With PaintShop Pro 2018, we're delivering a dramatically faster, easier, and highly creative experience that's even more accessible and of course, still subscription free."

Also introduced Wednesday, the Photo Video Bundle brings together PaintShop Pro 2018 and VideoStudio Pro X10 for a complete photo, design, and video editing package to help tell your story. For more information on the Corel Photo Video Bundle, visit us at

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Elite teams win NVIDIA AI City Challenge

The NVIDIA AI City Challenge pits top researchers against each other to make cities safer by making cameras smarter.

As part of NVIDIA's effort to weave AI into the fabric of modern cities, the company brought together 150 of the brightest minds in research and academia for the IEEE Smart World NVIDIA AI City Challenge.

The two-month-long challenge culminated on Aug. 5 in Silicon Valley with the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and the University of Washington, Seattle, winning NVIDIA TITAN Xp GPUs. All 14 teams that worked on Jetson-based inferencing received an NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Developer Kit.

The competition aims to make cities smarter and safer by using technology that's already ubiquitous -- cameras. There are millions of roadside cameras cities can use to extract insights for improving traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

NVIDIA's vision for the challenge was to do for urban traffic video analysis what ImageNet -- the groundbreaking image recognition competition -- did for general-purpose image analysis, explained Milind Naphade, CTO of NVIDIA AI Cities.

"Every transportation department will find value in using these models," he said.

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Game-Eye-2D for Unity now open source

Spectrum Break has made Game-Eye-2D open source for those who use the 2D camera tracking plugin for Unity.

According to the GitHub description, it is "a component-based orthographic camera extension for Unity that tracks 2D environments. ... When setup, the camera will follow objects in your scene, zoom to fit them all, use input from the player to track the scene, etc."

Learn more or get the code at the GitHub page.

Futuremark partners with Norwegian firm to make picking a new PC easier

Elkjøp Nordic, one the largest consumer electronics retailers in northern Europe, has enlisted the help of Futuremark to help Norwegians pick their next computer.

Elkjøp knows that choosing a new computer is difficult. Many people struggle to relate PC specifications to real-world performance. This can leave less knowledgeable customers feeling confused and uncertain. Others buy cheaper laptops and notebooks without understanding how the low performance of these systems will affect their everyday use and enjoyment.

"Our mission at Elkjøp is to give our customers good value for money and a simple, enjoyable shopping experience. Buying a PC is daunting for many people. With Futuremark's help, we are aiming to make it easier than ever," said Øystein Schmidt, communications manager at Elkjøp Nordic AS.

Futuremark worked with Elkjøp to create and define a set of computer categories with clear and helpful names. These categories - Basic, Home, Production, and Create - describe the capabilities of a system rather than its specifications. For example, PCs in the Basic category are suitable for social media, email, online shopping, and surfing the web. PCs in the Create category are more powerful and are capable of working fluidly with large media files for photo editing, graphic design, video production, and making music.

Every PC, notebook, and laptop sold by Elkjøp have been thoroughly tested by Futuremark in its dedicated lab. For each model, Futuremark used a range of benchmarks to produce complete data on all aspects of performance for everyday web browsing and personal productivity, to how well a system handles the latest games and virtual reality experiences.

This is the first time a European electrode chain is part of such a test collaboration.

Elkjøp, part of the Dixons Carphone group, is one of the largest consumer electronics retailers in the Nordic region with 400 stores in six countries.Trading as Elgiganten in Sweden and Denmark, Gigantti in Finland, and Elko in Iceland, Elkjøp sells a wide range of consumer electronics and household appliances through its online stores and retail locations.

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