Renderosity announces Sixus1 Mentoring Program Series

Aug 05, 2017 at 10:02 am by SchelleFire

Are you a 3D hobbyist, a fan of 3D art interested in learning how to make your own or just want to expand your skill set?

The Sixus1 Mentoring Program Series is an answer to these questions and many more.

Coming soon to Renderosity, Sixus1, a.k.a., Les Garner, will be your guide through the interesting, sometimes confusing, but incredibly creative, satisfying and potentially lucrative process of developing high-quality work YOU can profit from in the 3D content market.

Organized around a concept of "teaching by project," these video series will take you from start to finish through 3D content projects of varying scales and difficulty levels, providing production proven training from an industry veteran in areas like:

• basic to advanced 3D modeling
• character design
• UV and texture development
• clothing development, including basic to advanced rigging techniques
• character morph creation
• character texture design and production
• advanced, production proven techniques for massively increasing your efficiency
• workflow approaches and strategies to turn tasks eating days or weeks, into things you can do in a matter of hours
• creature creation all the way from design to completed model, UVs, textures, rigging, and any other polish such as poses, props, and other add-ons
• fast, effective rendering tips and tricks
• experienced guidance in creating effective and engaging promotional materials to best sell your work
• and much more.

The ongoing series of weekly instructional videos, accompanied, where appropriate, by supplemental materials such as models, in-app production assets like brushes, scripts, and a various tool sets for a variety programs like ZBrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, DAZ Studio and more, and all brought to you with professional production and concise, easy to watch editing, all designed from years of production and training experience to help YOU achieve the maximum results in your 3D Sixus1 Mentoring: Bringing YOU the skills to make your ideas a 3D reality.

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