Thursday at SIGGRAPH: More news from Red Giant, Luxion, Massive

Aug 03, 2017 at 03:09 pm by SchelleFire

More announcements from leading companies were made at SIGGRAPH 2017 on Thursday. Here are the highlights.

Luxion announces KeyShot 7

Luxion announced the release of KeyShot 7 with features to make the 3D rendering process faster for 3D professionals throughout the product development process. Key Shot is the first real-time ray-tracing and global illumination program for 3D rendering and animation.

KeyShot 7 is focused on bringing more ways to create with the new KeyShot Configurator, Studios and real-time VR support.

"KeyShot 7 has amazing capabilities, but were not satisfied with only adding features," says Claus Wann Jensen, Co-founder and CEO of Luxion. "Every one of these features and every improvement must consider the user's workflow from import to final render - simplifying every task, providing absolute flexibility and complete control across interface, camera, materials and lighting. With the input from our users, I'm convinced we have done that with KeyShot 7."

Users have more material possibilities with new material types and texture mapping, multi-materials and enhanced procedurals. With more lighting control KeyShot 7 now features Environment lists, HDR output and a new integrated HDRI Editor with interactive Sun & Sky. With more flexibility users now have UI, workspace and hotkey customization. And more real-time speed is provided in new workflow capabilities featuring a completely new sampling method, re-tessellation, adaptive performance mode, eight new render passes and more output capabilities to create renderings, animations and interactive visuals faster than ever before.

Take a look at what's new.

Massive Prime 9 released

CG Press reported Massive Software has a new release for its crowd simulation software, Massive Prime.

Massive allows for rapidly creating realistic crowd scenes. In many cases, its Ready To Run Agentsâ„¢ is used together with Massive for Maya or Massive for Max but when a shot calls for agents to perform custom motion or behaviors, Massive Prime comes in.

Massive Prime 9 has added a new feature called "Lanes as Generators" that allows for artists of any skill level to construct complex behavioral patterns for AI-controlled agents in minutes, rather than days or weeks.

It also includes a nearly universal plug-in and a new shader.

Read more at Massive Software.

Red Giant introduces TrapCode 14

Red Giant announced the release of Trapcode Suite 14, a major update to industry-standard tools for creating motion graphics and visual effects in Adobe After Effects.

Trapcode Suite 14 includes 11 tools and new features like Trapcode Particular's new GPU Acceleration.

This release also includes a free update to Trapcode Tao, which gives the tool depth Of field effects, which allow you to create camera-realistic blurs for your Tao objects, based on their distance from the After Effects 3D camera. The new Depth of Field effect makes it easy to integrate Tao into your live action shots and motion graphics.

Read more about TrapCode here.

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