Tuesday at SIGGRAPH: News from Terragen, Allegorithmic, Clarisse & OptiTrack

Aug 02, 2017 at 11:02 am by SchelleFire

It seems like everyone saves their updates and new releases for SIGGRAPH and this year is no different. The announcements are coming so fast and furious news slips past.

Here is some of Tuesday's news that may have slipped through.

Terragen 4.1 released

Planetside Software announced an update to its popular terraforming program, Terragen 4.1. The update includes optimizations to cloud and atmosphere rendering, resulting in significantly faster and cleaner renders in many cases, especially where multiple cloud layers are involved. Easy Cloud layers also now include a Mask input for better control of cloud shape and occurrence.

Threading optimizations have brought speed improvements to the 3D Preview and Ray-Traced Preview (RTP). We have also optimized the Voronoi function in several shaders, including Power Fractal, Fake Stones, and Alpine Fractal nodes, resulting in speed improvements up to 2.2x.

Additionally, a "Smoothing Filter" shader has been added which smooths away detail at the specified scale for compatible upstream shaders in your network such as Power Fractals. This can be useful in many situations, including the creation of patchy snow and sand effects.

Meanwhile, we've improved GI, added a 32-bit EXR output option, made improvements to the Merge Shader, and added options for separately controlling the lighting of atmosphere and surfaces in Light Sources (including Spotlights). There are numerous other bug fixes, minor changes, and improvements as well. Check out the full Change Log for details.

Allegorithmic releases its texturing toolkit

On Tuesday, released the Substance Automation Toolkit, which will allow users to automate texturing tasks.

The toolkit consists of a python API to edit and create substance files and batch processors for tasks such as baking geometry related maps, rendering out maps for materials, according to its website.

Substance Automation Toolkit will automatically texture a large number of assets; generate permutations of materials; build custom in-house tools on top of Substance, and automate library management such as upgrading a library to a new version or globally renaming substances.

Substance Automation Toolkit is available in a site license for Pro and Enterprise customers.

For more information, visit its website.

Isotropix has announced the availability of Clarisse 3.5

The French software company, Isotropix announced Tuesday the release of Clarisse 3.5, the next iteration of its nextgen 3D/VFX creation tool.

Unveiled at FMX 2017, Clarisse 3.5 introduces large improvements to set dressing, scene assembly, look development, lighting, rendering and many workflow enhancements.

Artist-friendly enhancements include set dressing; lookdev, lighting and rendering; VFX compositing; and scene assembly.

Learn more here or here for a more in-depth look at the Clarisse 3.5 feature set

OptiTrack introduces whole-body tracking for VR

According to Variety, OptiTrack introduced a new whole-body tracking solution at SIGGRAPH on Monday.

Based on the tech that VR players use in arcades and VR centers that attach to hands and feet, the new technology could make VR more mainstream.

"Combined with any data gathered from tracking their VR headsets and any additional equipment, these pucks will help to enable whole-body tracking in multiplayer virtual reality worlds," said Janko Roettgers, Variety's senior Silicon Valley Correspondent.

Read more here.

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