Tuesday at SIGGRAPH: Can you beat a robot in dominoes?

Aug 02, 2017 at 10:07 am by SchelleFire

Computers can beat humans at chess. They can categorize images with superhuman accuracy. Now we're showing how to create machines smart enough to safely interact with us in our daily lives.

We're challenging attendees at the SIGGRAPH 2017 professional graphics conference this week in Los Angeles to sit across a table and take turns slapping down dominoes with us.

Robots for the Rest of Us

Don't be shy, the idea isn't to create a robot that never loses.

It's to use our first hands-on demo of Isaac, a robot trained with our NVIDIA Isaac Lab robot simulator, to show how simulation -- and virtual reality -- can help robots learn the much more nuanced task of interacting with people.

Skills like the ability to pour a cup of coffee, provide care for the elderly, perform surgery, or play a game of dominoes, are the key to putting robotics to work in the lives of the world's more than 7 billion people.

They're skills too subtle to be taught by programmers banging out line after line of code. Our demo at SIGGRAPH shows how AI can be used to achieve do this.

Hands on with Isaac and Project Holodeck

Our demo lets you get hands on with two technologies we announced earlier this year at our GPU Technology Conference.

Learn more about NVIDIA Isaac, an AI-enabled robot and his powerful simulation environment called the Isaac Lab here.

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