What to Expect from Reallusion in 2016?

Feb 25, 2016 at 11:07 am by -gToon

Reallusion is very excited to share with all of you some of the more interesting things that we are working on for 2016. We are always looking to the future and eager to share with you our upcoming plans, and although not every schedule is set in stone we will be focusing on meeting all of these new updates. Please take note that if we did not mention other items that you have been waiting for, then it's not because they have been cancelled. It's just that we will be announcing them once we have some visuals to go along with the news.

So here is a synopsis of what you can expect for 2016!


Character Creator - Opens to a World of Customization

Create Custom Character Morphs
In the latest Character Creator 1.4 update, we provide a range of tools for users to create their own custom morph sliders. Easily generate a new morph from an iAvatar character, or create a new morph slider from two or more character morphs, to create something completely unique! And if you are familiar with 3D sculpting tools, then load your own character morph from any OBJ file, and start morphing.


Create Custom Cloth and Hair
In the upcoming Character Creator 1.5 version, we will provide design templates, sample files, and documentation for custom Cloth, Hair, Shoes, and Accessory designs. Allowing users to finally be able to import their own character assets (.FBX format) while assigning appropriate outfit layers for optimal mix-and-match dressing capabilities.



popVideo Converter 3 - HD Transparent Video Maker

popVideo Converter 3 is in the works, and this time, it supports HD video conversion using H.264 codec. Now video resolution can be up to 4K, while keeping a smaller, more manageable video file size. The dual-resolution popVideo format design guarantees real-time transparent playback in both iClone and CrazyTalk Animator, giving you the highest final video render quality while allowing you to smoothly playback when previewing in real-time.

The newly added Timeline can also deal with different chroma-keying scenarios such as; lighting change, camera move, color spill, or even out of frame issues. Allowing anyone with a mobile camera and a low budget, green screen setup to make quick use of instant chroma-keying.

Additionally, besides supporting popVideo output for iClone and CrazyTalk usage, popVideo converter will also export transparent videos in industry standard AVI and MOV formats for practical use with any 3rd party video editing software.



CrazyTalk Animator 3 - Animate any shape, any way.

Free Bone Animation
This enhanced version will allow you to fluidly animate any cutout image by simply defining a basic bone structure. The new free bone tools can be used on individual image sprites for unprecedented motion flexibility when working with sophisticated characters.



Individual Elastic Sprites


Stay away from rigid, shadow puppet animations as now you have the flexibility to make your shapes bouncy, stretchy and bendable for professional-looking cartoon animations once thought to hard to create. This new feature opens a whole new way of animating, by allowing you to simulate real-world elasticity in one mouse movement.




Well, what about iClone?

MixMoves is back! - MixMoves 2.0

This handy and powerful feature will soon be back, and it will be better than ever! As not only will you be able to click to blend pre-calculated iMotions, but it will deliver a much faster and smarter response. In addition, we will be adding special mirror motion options to eliminate monotonous motion loops. The new release will come with a free content repack for all previous MixMoves purchase users, as well as new MixMoves motion libraries.



Virtualizing 3DXchange Workflow, and GoZ

In the new release of Character Creator 1.4, users will find that the direct OBJ import/export feature will bring lots of convenience to custom morph designs. 3DXchange will still be essential for converting data by requiring its dedicated user interface for detailed procedures like Characterization and mesh-node clean up, but we will be enabling a direct content I/O for iClone and Character Creator.

To further ease the professional design flow for 3D sculpt paint, GoZ will still be on our list, so users can expect to see the easy morph update, and texture paint first for CC Characters and then for iClone props.



iClone Physically Based Rendering (PBR) - a New Level of Visual Realism

While everyone is talking about real-time PBR technology, we have already been working on this for some time. So feel free and take a peak at the screenshots from our RD lab here, and see how iClone will perfectly align with mainstream PBR tools such as Substance Painter, 3D Coat, SketchFab, Marmoset, and how it will be capable of exporting PBR content for Unity and Unreal engine.


PBR Materials


The precise metallic, roughness definition and enhanced IBL controls over environmental reflection will provide a whole new level of realism for iClone users. Other than PBR, users can expect a big visual leap in the future iClone 7 release.

**Will this be for 2016? It's hard to say right now, but we are excited to share this news with you.

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