Vicente Herrera : Making It As An Artist

Mar 16, 2016 at 12:25 pm by -gToon

I chatted with Vicente Herrera- who is originally from Miami, but now is living in Clarksville - about his artistic background.

"My art career started with graffiti in middle school. I would draw my alias over and over again. The goal was to perfect my style. I had lots of great people who mentored me a bit and showed me things here and there," says Vicente. "I was able to pick and choose elements from everyone's style to create my own. I wasn't just into it, I lived it!"

I began asking him questions how why he wanted to get into art/how he knew he loved it.

I knew I loved art, but I never really considered becoming an artist. In 2008, I went to the design district in Miami with my wife and we looked in all the galleries. That is the first time I thought of art as a business. After that, I started to get more and more into fine art.

In 2010, I started to create works of art and leave them in public places for people to find. I would hammer a nail into a tree, hang a framed work of art and walk away. Sometimes I would stick around and watch someone take it. It was funny because you always knew who was going to take it. They would walk near it a bit, look around and then take it as if they were stealing it. It was funny.

I attended Art Basel in Miami in December of 2010 and walked through all the large fairs. I had a bit of self-doubt but after looking at all the work on the walls I was no longer scared or doubting myself. I realized that if I wanted to be an artist, all I had to do was say "I am an Artist". From that day on, I was an artist and have never looked backed!

Art is hi(S)tory.. his story... my story! When I create work, I create my reality for you to see. I'm letting you see what I feel. I'm allowing you to purchase a piece of me. When you hang my art on your wall, you can tell people you own a part of hi(S)tory.

I don't put much thought into my art. I don't really sit there and plan much out. I create off of what I feel in the moment I am creating. I usually start a piece the second an idea pops into my head based on something I see, something I hear, a smell, a memory that pops into my head...

To find out more about him, please visit his website here.

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