Simon (Simon-3D) : The Tale Of Life And Death

Mar 11, 2016 at 11:00 am by bwsupport

Just by having an e-mail conversation with Simon Schild (Simon 3-d), you get the notion that he's playfully sarcastic, and does not want others feeling sympathy for him. But, how could you not when he almost passed away from liver cancer? I'm the type who feels a connection through someone's words.

Therefore, when Simon sent me his nearly finished story about what he's been through, my eyes filled with tears. I'm not an emotional person, but I couldn't help but feel terrible that he had to battle this disease.

"[I'm] just some poor sod who had a fight with liver disease and eventually liver cancer and a transplant," noted Simon. "I'm certainly not unique. But, it's been a roller coaster ride for sure."

But, in my eyes, Simon has a unique story. He didn't think he was worth going above and beyond for, but I disagreed and told him I either wanted to write it or have him write something. The reason is because Simon was on the verge of dying, but then, miraculously was given a second chance at life! It was not his time to go yet, so he was definitely going to put up a fight. He went through treatment after treatment and hung on strong. His wife, Sharon, remained by his side and was his rock.


"Sharon has been amazing throughout. She is a very serious person, which makes for a great balance as I find it hard to take anything seriously," says Simon. "There were a couple of occasions when I had to sit her down and tell her to calm down because she was getting so stressed that she was making herself ill and that was not going to be good for either of us."

Throughout this illness, Simon decided to write his story, piece by piece.

"I have been writing my tale with a view to selling it on Amazon and any proceeds going to a liver charity and try and inspire people to sign up as donors and give blood." It is being aimed at people either in a similar situation or knows someone in that situation with various bits of information so they know what to expect."

I'm going to provide you with some insight as to what he had to deal with on a monthly basis.

early May : another call for transplant NO go

early June : reappearance of cancer

disappointed but its small

mid June: more Tace planned for 1st of July??

even though really small must be agressive as they plan Tace

Really don't want this done again.

First time it all started getting me down.

June 22nd : TRANSPLANT

The call

The wait

Something is different, run of luck

Into surgery

Awake, ICU, hallucinations .

Onto ward, nearly blind, getting walking, Visitors

Sleepless night watching the storm (tears in the rain)

Realization of the emotional recovery needed.

July 4th : Home

Wound care

Fluid leakage

This is VERY normal. I know this is an old thread, however, I see this question a lot. "Exudate or Serous Fluids" build up behind all large wounds. They are there to help the healing process by flushing away dead cells and to dilute any toxins or bacteria that may develop. This is your body cleaning your wound. Do NOT use any other chemical to help it along (neosporn or hydrogen peroxide) unless ordered by your doctor.

You will only need to worry if your wound is •hurting much more, •getting hot to the touch, you are developing a fever, or puss (Thick, yellowish smelly) is forming. Or redness and swelling of wound is growing larger.
So no need to rush to the ER. Just wash gently with water.

Re admitted to hospital:- kidney problems

2 weeks

Re admitted to hospital:- CMV virus

3 weeks

Re admitted to hospital:- more kidney problems, ascites

2 weeks

Re admitted to hospital:- more kidney problems, ascites, CMV

5 weeks

Re admitted to hospital:- sever kidney problems, severe ascites, CMV, Bone marrow failure

To further dive into his thoughts and feelings, I asked him what he was fearful of.

"What was I afraid of: Well this isn't as easy to answer as it may first appear. My answer sounds like a lie or that I am completely insane. I guess it depends on how we define afraid," said Simon. "There is a huge chasm between anxious and terrified. I can honestly say that at no point was I terrified or even close to terrified but on the other hand I was often very anxious. Never about dying though.

He also noted that he "was often anxious about up and coming procedures and operations mostly about the unpleasantness of them but besides the normal survival instincts not about death."

I then asked him if there was ever a time he felt sorry for himself.

"If I am understanding the question correctly at no point have I felt sorry for myself. I am just another person I have no and deserve no special treatment from the universe. Life isn't always fair in fact it's rarely fair and no one ever said it was," said Simon. "It would be nice if there was justice, but there is no realistic expectation of justice, accept what we can trick ourselves into believing. The good die young, the bad have fun, great people can suffer and the scum can live a long life of luxury."

Additionally, he also said that, "despite some crappy times I have had a good a life probably more than I deserve. I have a wonderful Wife, 3 fantastic children, 7 awesome grandchildren food on my table and a roof over my head. What more could someone want or need it would be crass to feel sorry for myself just because I rolled a couple of crappy dice along with all the good ones."

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