Payton Kemp : Learning to Love Yourself

Mar 29, 2016 at 03:16 pm by bwsupport

Payton Kemp used to be a plus size model, but when she lost weight, she took a break because she was no longer considered a "plus-size model."

"I was stuck in one sort of box as plus size. I was doing the modeling as a way of earning extra income," says Payton. "Once I found out that I had a few health conditions that were fixed by going on a plant based diet, not only did my health improve, but I lost weight."

They told her in order to be considered a model again, she could either gain the weight back or go down to a size 2!

"I found that absurd, and put modeling in the back of my mind," says Payton. "I wasn't going to punish myself for not being the size someone wanted me to be!"

Her body decided that size 4 would be ideal. Even though she's not "industry standard," she gets booked because she is a stylist, so she has an advantage.

"I think that in the fashion industry, sometimes you need to blaze your own trail, and I'm more than happy to go on my own path," says Payton.

She also explained what modeling means to her stating, "for me has been a very healing process." The media makes modeling all about eating disorders and looking perfect, but according to Payton, it's so much more than that!

"As a model, it's your job to show up and be a hanger for whatever the designer, photographer, and whoever else wants to make you look like. You're selling the dress, but you're also selling the idea of what the dress represents," says Payton. "I model for a company in town that markets to artistic young women, for instance. We are selling the idea of a lifestyle that's creative and easy going, as well as the pieces."

She then talked about her passion of being able to style and dress people for a living.

"I get to dress people who make art in my favorite version of art!" says Payton "I always tell my clients that clothing is the only art form we are legally obligated to purchase, so we may as well have fun with it! I love making people feel like they can express their personality by what they put on their body!"

Not only is Payton a model and stylist, she's also a writer and overall creative person.

"We are all creative beings, and it's our job to make the art, not judge it. So, for me, maybe it's writing a blog, helping someone feel their best in their clothes, or drumming," says Payton. "But, getting the creativity out in any way possible is something I'm passionate about."


Here's some advice Payton gives to others wanting to pursue their dreams/passions:

The only person responsible for making your dreams come true is YOU. It is going to be an uphill battle. You will live on beans and rice at some point. I mean, I styled my first red carpet client and came home to an apartment with no electricity for goodness sake! But, working your butt off to make your dreams come true is far more rewarding than wasting your life not doing what you were born to do!

To learn more about Payton, please visit her website here!

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