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Mar 30, 2016 at 04:03 pm by nickcharles

The Adobe Education Exchange was launched in 2010 to provide training and support to educators, enabling them to teach creativity in their classrooms, and thus making them creators as well. However, even if you are not an educator, the courses and workshops offered through the Adobe Education Exchange are freely available for everyone to participate in.

On the AEE website, there are a wide range of workshops, from getting up and running quickly with Adobe software, to creating lesson plans and teaching creativity in the classroom. The workshops are all self-paced, with no time restrictions, but there are also collaborative courses, like the Graphics and Illustration course I recently participated in. The collaborative courses are also self-paced, however, all assignments have to be in by a specified date in order to pass the course. The collaborative courses have you follow a step-by-step path, reading through written information, viewing video presentations, and also participating in weekly live sessions. There's no worry if you can't make a live session, though, as they are recorded for later viewing.

In the collaborative courses, each week includes an assignment which is to be submitted for review among other course participants. It follows that you are required to rate and comment on 3 assignments submitted by the other participants. You do have to submit your weekly assignment first, before you can view the submitted assignments of other participants, which is good. It's a great way to learn, and I found it inspiring to see what others had done. After successfully completing a course, you get a digital badge and certificate for your accomplishment.

I'm always following online tutorials for various software, but the classroom environment, albeit online, still works best for me. The assignments I had were challenging, and I learned quite a bit in a short time. Overall, the whole experience was really a lot of fun and I even enrolled in a couple more upcoming courses.

But, aside from the workshops and courses, there's a whole lot more to the Adobe Education Exchange. It's also about networking with other educators and creatives, and there's a lot of resources available, discussions, and even events to get involved in. If you are an educator, there are many reasons to check it out and get involved. And, if you are not, there is still plenty to be gained if you work with Adobe software.

There are a number of collaborative courses coming up, including Animation, App Design, and Digital Storytelling with Adobe Mobile and Web Apps. The Digital Storytelling class starts April 4, but enrollment is open until April 14. The Animation and App Design classes start in June. I think it's well worth your time to give the Adobe Education Exchange a look for yourself.

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