Blender 3D Add-On "Hard Ops 007" Released

Feb 25, 2016 at 09:22 pm by -gToon

From Masterxeon1001's (creator of Hard Ops) post:

This add on is more than just an add on. It's a lifestyle. A toolset to help you with concepting hard surface forms. It comes with objects, an additional insert add on, a mirroring add on and even tutorials to show you how to use it. The tutorial files are also included so it's definitely worth the cost. There's tutorials that could cost many times as much however I am keeping it low and adding to it just as an add on. So if you're asking about future updates the answer is yes. I will keep updating it for as long as I am using it and at least try to keep it working with subsequent versions of Blender while improving it. The goal was to make buying this add on a no brainier by providing a quality product along with quality tutorials. At a low price.

Sure you can accomplish the same without it. But without Hard Ops, I definitely wouldn't want to.

Hard Oops 007 Workflow
With this workflow you can work faster and get more freedom when it comes to modelling. Sure I could have just done tutorials on this process but instead I wanted to make something you take with you. That you integrate into your life and you grow with. And that is a value a tutorial just can't quite match.

Hard Ops is a hard surface toolkit designed for concept mesh creation in Blender. The operations are not designed with subdivision in mind however it is an option if needed. This tool requires Looptools to be enabled and Booltool to be installed and enabled for maximum enjoyment. Hard Ops are intended in situations where speed is more ideal than topology and the tools are subject to change at a moment's notice. Please approach this tool with an open mind and leave your topology at the door and have fun. Credit goes to far too many people to name however understand this plugin has been a team effort and is still and may always be a work in progress.

What You Can Do With Hard Ops 007
Make grates, knurls, circles, alternate circles and cut-lines with ease! And that is just the icing on the cake. Array objects in a 360 degree formation with options for size and quantity.

Unleash the power of Ssharpen and Csharpen to make your meshes look good regardless of your topology and experience the freedom of cad-style modelling.

Combine with the free add-on bool tool for increased speed and ease!

Hard surface has never been so easy!

Important Links
Download Link for Hard Ops 007
Hard Oops Intro Guide
Masterxeon1001 Youtube Channel


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