Renderosity Introduces The Filter Forge Forum

Mar 10, 2016 at 05:21 pm by nickcharles

Recently, Renderosity added to its long list of active forums, a brand new software-specific forum: the Filter Forge Forum. If you're not familiar with Filter Forge, it's certainly worth a look.

Filter Forge is a very unique software that is both stand-alone, as well as a plug-in to Photoshop, and other image editing applications. As its very name suggests, the software allows you to create (forge) your own filters: textures, distortions, effects, frames, etc. You also have access to an incredible library of (currently) 11,520 filters, which you can further tweak or choose from many filter presets.

A before and after example, using a filter in Filter Forge

The real gem of this software, however, is its visual, node-based filter editor, which makes filter creation quite exciting and fun. And just about anyone you talk to that has used Filter Forge will tell you that it is very addictive.

Filter Forge's node-based filter editor

There are 3 editions of Filter Forge: Basic, Standard, and Professional. Plus, there is an option to purchase the Pro version with lifetime upgrades, or you could choose a subscription plan. You can see more info and a comparison chart, here.

Filter Forge filter examples: 'Sunburst,' 'Wet Stone,' and 'Organics'

But, getting back to Renderosity's addition of a Filter Forge Forum, I think it is an excellent idea. Filter Forge is used by a wide range of artists, including photographers, 2D artists, 3D artists, content developers, and even game designers. As such, the Filter Forge community is pretty large. Having a forum where users can share their latest works using Filter Forge could spark some interesting exchanges and help others learn how to better use it. It would also be a great place for users to introduce their own unique filters and experiments.

So, whether you are a user of Filter Forge, or are curious as to what it's all about, why not pop into the Filter Forge Forum and introduce yourself?

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