Artella: New Cloud-Based Animation Platform Launches

May 11, 2016 at 09:26 pm by nickcharles

Announcing Artella, a new collaborative platform in the cloud!

Artella was envisioned by the founders and team who brought you Animation Mentor -- The Online Animation School. After years of mentoring artists they stepped back to ask, "What would happen if there was a way to unite talent to work on incredible projects no matter where they lived?" which quickly led them to, "What if the next great studio was global, ran by creatives and located in your home?" That's when the journey began.

They decided to test their theory by making a global production and found out it was an incredibly difficult challenge to solve -- and it wasn't fun. So they decided to make a platform from the ground up designed for artists every step of the way. With the support of the creative community -- testing, refining and confirming that distributed production can both be done and a lot of fun -- Artella was born.

Q: Who is behind Artella?

Artella was conceived by the team that brought you Animation Mentor, The Online Animation School; Bobby Beck (Pixar), Shawn Kelly (Industrial Light and Magic) and Carlos Baena (Pixar, Paramount).

Our incredible team of engineers have made this dream possible. They have spent the last four years designing, developing and learning. Their results are what we now call Artella and we could not be more proud of their work and we are all so excited to share it with the world.

Q: Why Artella?

Our 10-year journey of teaching artists online had left us feeling that something was missing. What happens when you have artists from Iceland, Brazil, Turkey, Minnesota and South Africa who are wildly talented, but can't seem to break into the professional world? Do they lose faith? Change paths? What would happen if they had a place to call home where they could build whatever their imaginations could dream? What if they could do this together and share their visions with the world? What if they could make money from them and forge a new path that might be even better, and more rewarding than going to work at a studio?

Artella is our dream and we can only hope that this will open up new doors for creatives all over the world.

Q: What kind of projects can you make on Artella?

Artella's motto is to be the home for creative projects of any shape and size.

Some examples of projects we have made, or are working on through Artella are animated short films, websites, VR worlds and visual effects for live action - but the possibilities are limitless.

Q: When will Artella officially launch?

We plan to launch Artella early in the second quarter of 2016.

Visit for more information.

[source: Artella FAQ and Blog]

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