How Iray for Rhino Lets Architects, Designers Bring Their Creations to Life

May 10, 2016 at 12:43 pm by nickcharles

Iray for Rhino is now available for $295 a year. With it, product designers, architects and others using physically based rendering can render within Rhino's viewports for continual, realistic feedback while crafting a digital model's form, materials and lighting. Model courtesy of DeWALT, rendered with Iray for Rhino.

Iray's physically based capability predicts the behavior of real-world materials and lights. It gives accurate results with minimum setup or specialized knowledge. So you can create the most realistic and predictive digital models possible.

enter image description here Hotel lobby rendered in Iray for Rhino

"Making highly photorealistic pictures easily and quickly is a competitive asset for us, but also a great way to show our work to customers and specialized press in our industry," said Pierre Delion, founder of Pierre Delion/ Architecture navale, a naval architecture firm based in Nantes, France. "With Iray for Rhino, we have a digital camera creating photos of our new designs before we build them."

Iray for Rhino supports the NVIDIA vMaterials Library as well as material exchange capabilities with other MDL-compatible applications, such as Iray for Maya, Iray for 3ds Max or Iray for Cinema 4D. It's integrated with Rhino's database for use with Rhino's layer system, so users can intuitively create materials that reflect the real world.

enter image description here Model courtesy of DeWALT, rendered with Iray for Rhino.

Iray for Rhino also works with Iray Server, our distributed rendering solution. Iray server lets you harness a network of machines to speed up the rendering process and make light work of your largest images. In addition, you can always make Iray go even faster with the added GPU power of eight high-end GPUs in the Quadro Visual Computing Appliance.

Download the 90-day free trial to try the plug-in today with your own models.

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