How Much Art Means To Chris Ousley

May 03, 2016 at 10:26 am by bwsupport

Chris Ousley took art in high school and has always liked to draw "stuff."

"Childhood drawings tended to be populated with planes, tanks and dinosaurs. I could not draw people or buildings until I went to art school," says Chris. "I studied perspective, anatomy and commercial art related subjects."

Growing up, Chris was intrigued by Norman Rockwell and Frank Frazetta as well as comics.

"Throughout the years, I also still geeked out on the perspective and anatomy study," says Chris.

Whenever Chris is doing something with art, he zones out and time jus flies by. It puts him at ease as well as relaxes him.

"Looking at a favorite piece by one of my favorite artists puts me in a different time or place. Something like sketching out a fashion illustration, getting the fabric to flow just right with a few pen strokes is just fun," says Chris. "Watching the water do it's thing with a watercolor is fun to watch."

He enjoys doing sketches of people and then when he looks at them later on, it's fun for him to see how far he's come! And, he doesn't do art just because he enjoys it, he's also doing it for another reason.

"When I look at a piece of art, I want it to mean something to me whether it is transporting me somewhere else or just giving my eyes a treat with the colors," says Chris.

He also notes that he likes when someone connects with his artwork.

"One lady bought a piece because it was the corner in Nashville where her husband-to-be and her shared their first kiss," says Chris.

Chris loves drawing and painting in general and, "likes to help out fellow artists and pass what I have learned and hopefully learn something new from them."


To find out more about Chris, be sure to visit his website here as well as his Facebook page here.

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