Interview with RPublishing - Honorable Mention Award Winner 2016

Apr 18, 2017 at 05:49 pm by -gToon

RPublishing is the winner of Renderosity's Honorable Mention Award for 2016.

RPublishing is run by Renderosity staff as a way of helping artists sell their work. It's a collaborative effort that results in artists being able to spend more time creating and less time dealing with the mechanics of selling as a vendor at Renderosity. Another advantage of being a collaborating vendor is that RPublishing is able to "fill the void" when certain types of 3D art/objects are not represented in the marketplace.

Founded in 2009, RPublishing works with many different types of artists and attempts to "push the boundaries" of what is being created for the Renderosity marketplace. Excellence and quality are watchwords with RPublishing as you can see from looking through their store.

Jenifer Carey, who runs RPublishing, took time out from her busy schedule to chat with us. Please take a moment to visit RPublishing's great Renderosity store and very cool art gallery.

Interview with 2016 Honorable Mention Award winner - RPublishing

Renderosity: You have a nice balance between 3D figure assets and 3D models. Many vendors specialize in one or the other. How did balance come about?

RPublishing: The balance stems from how we began as RPublishing. Renderosity started as a place for 3d artist to broker their work, but over many years would we get requests from 3d artists who wanted to sell their work out-right or work under contract. Some artists felt that the extra time it took to keep up with good vendor distracted them from their modeling and/or texturing. Others liked the appeal of knowing exactly how much they would make on a product, instead of spending months making something and not being sure if it would sell enough to meet their financial needs. So, we created RPublishing in January 2009 to work with 3d artists in ways to fit their needs outside of normal vendor/brokering.

Then, the balance came from working with a lot of different artists who have their own specialties. We are thankful for the many individual talents our collaborators have. Like most vendors, we get inspiration from the everyday objects around us, and then we look to try to fill a void (whenever possible). Part of our process is looking for real world items that are different and/or that have little to no representation in the 3d world. Occasionally, we even buy libraries of work when artist, who for personal reasons, need to retire from the 3d community.

What is a typical workflow on a store item and how to you choose what to work on?

RPublishing: It all starts with researching what members are asking for or other trending type items that we believe helps fill a gap in our community. Then, we consider which collaborating artist talents would best fit the job. We try to choose based on what we think will have the most demand. After that, it's the same general workflow that other vendors go through. Modeling, rendering, making changes, uv mapping, rendering, making more changes, texturing, rendering more, adding morphs, fixing any issues, tweaking, making final changes and then sending to testers.

Do you have favorite software you like to use? Why is it a fav?

RPublishing: Not really. There are several different software products that we use, and many RPublishing collaborators have their preferences. I personally enjoy painting and creating textures in Blacksmith3D.

GCD Jewelry - Emma Collection by GrayCloudDesign, RPublishing

What is one of your favorite collaborations?

RPublishing: Wow! There are so many it is hard to choose. I love working with Rhiannon on clothing, and GrayCloudDesign for jewelry and realistic room scenes, and DM for fantasy scenes and props. And, we often like to try to push the boundaries of what is currently being done. For example, some of our early clothing projects with Rhiannon had clothing pieces that could be used individually or layered on top of one another (like Anarchy's tank top and vest and Onryo's robe and belt that could be used on top of the robe or under the robe). At that time, layering clothes was not common and it was hard to make it work flawlessly. But, true to her talents, Rhiannon pulled it off beautifully. We admire her work greatly and she has remained one our favorite vendors/collaborators to work with over our 8 years as a vendor.

Who are some of the artists/vendors who have influenced you?

RPublishing: Oh, my goodness, there are so many; where do I start? Of course all the artists who we have worked with (above) and then there are several that I follow to see their gallery additions. There's not enough room to list them all, so I'll try to narrow my list down.

I love the works of

Do you have anything you'd like to add?

RPublishing: We would like to acknowledge all of our collaborators and say thank you for giving us 8 great years of working together and we look forward to many more.

Be sure to visit RPublishings's gallery and store front at

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