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Every release is a big moment, and we've spent months on this one polishing these new features to help you deliver great games and experiences. But we couldn't have done it without all the users who provided valuable feedback during the beta. Thank you, your participation is essential!

Before we jump into the details, here are a few key areas of focus for this Unity 5.5 release:

New platforms, new opportunities

First, we keep on extending opportunities for creators to reach new users and new markets. In Unity 5.5, support for Microsoft Holographic (HoloLens) is no longer in preview mode, and that means you can now jump into exploring the future of augmented and mixed reality. We have also improved our In-App-Purchase feature with a codeless experience to take advantage of storefronts and added CloudMoolah.

Better tools for artists

We're also working to make artists feel even more at home in Unity adding better artist tools. In Unity 5.5, we brought major improvements to our Particle System and Line Renderer components. Our Animation Window has workflow improvements and massively improved performance for faster, more reliable iteration. Then there's the new Splash screen tool, which lets you introduce your brand at the start of your game with just a few clicks. We're also introducing an experimental tool called Look Dev to ease the process of ensuring parity in materials throughout physically-based projects. Looking to the future, we're excited to introduce Unity Collaborate to everyone (Open Beta!), a simple way for entire teams to save and sync their Unity projects.

Performance improvement

Finally a lot of the new features aim to improve performance, so you can deliver the best experience to your users on all platforms. For example, we've added GPU instancing for Android and iOS, a new CPU Usage Profiler timeline view, and we've updated our physics engine to PhysX 3.3.3.

Full details of what's new in Unity 5.5 are available at this link:


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