The Broken Stems Release "Three Eyed Bird"

Jul 27, 2016 at 07:16 pm by -gToon

A San Diego band-- The Broken Stems-- recently made it into the top ten of the iHeart Radio Rising Star Competition. They combine Blues, Rock & Soul together in a rather different way. Not only did they just release a music video and new album, they bring a positive spin California is lacking.

"Three Eyed Bird is about unlocking the innate ability we all possess to ascend to our higher minds through loving and sharing our gifts with others." - Jesse Gawlik

According to the press release, "The song has a soaring feel. The sound of coasting through the sky as the lyrics tell the story of the experience one feels when they are unlocking the secrets of the universe. The "feel good" melody paired with the keys compels you to bop your head to the rhythm. You could go from a stressful day at work to playing this track and feeling happy from the sound."

When I listened and watched this music video, I was particularly fond of it! I'm not usually one for blues and such, but it was rather catchy to me. It's definitely worth a listen when you have a sec!


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