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Jul 26, 2016 at 11:39 pm by -gToon


My first meeting of the day was with Sebastien, the founder and CEO of Allegorithmic. Allegorithmic revolutionized texture creation with the development of Substance. Our conversation was wide-ranging and very interesting. Sebastien showed me some of the very first works he created using the technology he created. Fresh off of the recent Substance Days (a huge success) in L.A., Sebastien was positively glowing with pride and excitement.

Sebastien and I talked a lot about his ideas of technology and the artist ("Augmented Artistry" he called it); not to mention his experiences going from a lone creator to being the head of a hit software that everyone wants. I wished we could have talked more. Renderosity will be covering Allegorithmic closely in the future. You can also read Sergio's review ofSubstance 2.0 here.

The Foundry

Another very enjoyable meeting with Jody Madden, Chief Operating Officer at The Foundry. Serving the customer and user base was the focus of our discussion. I discovered that Jody and I shared many similar ideas about how computer graphics companies can best serve their user base. She also talked a bit about how future efforts of The Foundry will be around workflow, a focus on how their tools can empower smaller groups and individual artists, and perhaps some adjustments in licensing The Foundry software.

Be sure to visit The Foundry website and check out their new Cara VR toolset which we've reported on here and will review in the near future


Cinema 4D R18 is packed with new features

Maxon's new Cinema 4D R18 is packed with new features

Maxon and Cinema 4D

One of my favorite events at Siggraph is the annual Press Luncheon that Maxon USA throws to announce news about Cinema 4D. The big news is that Maxon has released a brand new version R18 of Cinema 4D. The highlights of this release include: Voronoi Fracture Objects, Interactive Knife Tools, Substance Engine integration and their next evolution of Object Motion Tracking. This is a solid release which we will be reviewing in the near future.

Look to our post of Maxon's press release regarding Cinema 4D R18 for the full details. C4D R18 looks to be shipping in September, 2017.

Side Effects Classes

I was fortunate in that Side Effects/Houdini has a room next to the press office where they are conducting classes on everything from Fluids to Procedural Modeling. I sat in on the Fluid's class for about a half hour and, of course, loved it. The house was packed and I'm kicking myself for not setting aside time to attend several of these classes.

As you may know, my year-long "Learning Houdini" journal has made me enamored of this remarkable software. I hope to meet up with then on the Exhibition Floor tomorrow.

I love this software!


Remember those hordes of Orcs charging and fighting in LOTR? Those were created with a software program called Massive. I was delighted to meet and chat with the creator of this program, Stephen Regelous. This poised and articulate artist took me through the basics of using Massive by setting up "ambient agents' (small crowd of people) to interact with themselves and the environment. He called the process of setting up ai nodes to structure the crowds behavior as "bulding a brain"

The whole process was fascinating and I was delighted to discover this great program. Massive has announced Massive for Max, their new Parts Library and a major upgrade to their Ready to Run Agents.

Exhibit Hall Walk-Through

Tuesday is the opening day of the Exhibition Hall at Siggraph. Many people who attend Siggraph come for just the 3 days the Exhibit Hall is open (Tues-Thur). I did a quick walk through to see the booths and locate companies I want to visit tomorrow. I really like how the Hall is laid out right next to the Art Gallery/Studio. There seems to be more room and less crowding, but it could just be my imagination. The NVIDIA booth is fabulous with all kinds of VR demos and stations. I was also keen on the Google booth, the Unity booth and the Side Effects Houdini booth. Lots of programing going on at all of the booths. If only I could clone myself to attend everything!

BlackMagic Design

I met up with Steve Roberts who talked me through the news for DaVinci Resolve 12.5 and Fusion 8; two outstanding applications in the BlackMagic stable (they also make brilliant cameras and hardware). The big news is that the Fusion architecture has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and that the application is now available in Linux. Development is one of the key energies in this company and Steve could attest to this because he's been with Fusion for 28 years.

You can read more about the updates at the BlackMagic Fusion page and the DaVince Resolve page. Note that I plan on posting a DaVinci learning journal starting in August and running to the end of the year. I've been a long-time Premiere (still like the program very much) user but, I want to try something different.



Real-Time Live

Real-Time live is an event that's been running at Siggraph for several years now. It's a presentation of truly real-time graphics in games, applications and AR/VR. The house was packed for this event and it did not disappoint. The standout of the evening was the presentation by the Epic Games team (who also won the award for best Real-Time graphics). Get this: in 6 minutes this team shot real-time motion/facial capture of an actress on stage and then integrated it into a final cut scene that was replayed inside of the Unreal game engine. Simply jaw-dropping technology that is hard to convey with words.

Look to the Renderosity FaceBook page for more pictures and video of Tuesday @ Siggraph events reported here.

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