Monday @ Siggraph

Jul 26, 2016 at 12:15 am by -gToon

Monday started out awkwardly when I realized I had left my Siggraph badge back at the BnB right after I had paid for a days parking. But everything evened out after a good cup of coffee and sitting down to my Monday schedule, which is packed with fun meetings, events and presentations.

Love this cloud based learning company. may get more press, but Pluralsight has a much better interface and a much deeper selection of course. Plus, after talking with Andy and Megan from Pluralsight, the company is all-in on developing a live mentorship program and a much easier way of evaluating a users skill level. The latter is particularly useful in Pluralsight's Enterprise offerings like the Disney company.

Renderosity Magazine will be posting a full review of Pluralsight, along with more info and interviews with their instructors and staff. Be sure to visit this company's website. They are our choice for online learning

Chaos Group/V-Ray
Meeting with Chaos Group's David and lon is always enjoyable because the conversation, while staying focused on V-Ray, ranges far and wide. I also laugh more with these two than anyone else I meet with.

Chaos group is running their 2-day V-Ray Days talks here at Siggraph and recently announced V-Ray for Modo, which as been very well received. What's new with V-Ray is the soon-to-come V-Ray for Houdini, which I'm told with be Open Source! I also learned that Chaos group is focusing on development this year at Siggraph and won't have a booth.
Also learned of a unique partnership that Chaos group has with a company called Nozon in order "enable artists to create pre-rendered volumetric VR with parallax and free movement without the use of a game engine."

NVIDIA'S new oil-painting simulation app looks great!

NVIDIA Press Event
The press event for NVIDIA this year was a little more low key, but still full of interesting announcements and great demos. The big announcement was of a new "beast" GPU: The Quadro P6000. Check the Renderosity FB page for a short video. In addition, it was anounced that all of NVIDIA'S SDK's have been updated and and a new one has been added: The 360 Video SDK with the goal of "photoreal VR".

Four great demos were presented (more when I experience them on the Exhibit Hall floor tomorrow and Wed.): Adobe Wet Brush, a unique application that allows you to paint with simulated oil paints, Iray for 3DS Max, 360 Video SDK(wow, amazing ability to re-create physical light) and Mental Ray for Maya (available as a free beta).

HP Workstations and Displays
I've been watching HP develop their workstation and display technology over the last several years, but nothing prepared me for the new hardware they are announcing at Siggraph. For example, their new HP ZBook 15 mobile workstation will be shipped to the NASA space by the end of the year. How cool is that?

HP demoed two new displays, the DreamColor Z32x and the DreamColor Z27x, both of which are professional displays. In addition, I got to see their new 3rd generation workstations (announcement comes tomorrow) and the ZBook 15 + ZBook 17 mobile workstations. All of these are powerhouse computers that look as good as they perform. We'll be reviewing one or two of these in the coming year. More info to come...

AMD Capsacin Event
Wow! Just wow! Imagine the fireworks at the end of a long, enjoyable vacation day. That's what AMD's Capsacin event was like (perfect choice of word to describe the presentation: hot and attention-getting!)

I thought I knew a lot about AMD and it's goals and ideas, but after attending this stellar presentation I realize I really have to get on the ball and learn more about this exciting and innovative company.

I won't go into too much detail here, but suffice to say they announced a new Radeon Pro line of products which include 3 new cards, one super-card, a Renderpro Open-Source renderer and a new 360 Video application. There were guests from Unity, The Foundry and a special guest from a California University who praised AMD for the technology that is helping them us VR to help war vets cope with PTSD.

I'll be writing a full report on AMD and their announcements once I get back from Siggraph.

Wow! What an excellent end to Monday @ Siggraph!

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