Sunday @ Siggraph

Jul 25, 2016 at 12:26 am by -gToon

The first day of Siggraph is always a Sunday. Traditionally, it's a bit slower paced than the rest of the conference. A way for people to get registered and oriented to the convention center locations. However, it certainly didn't feel slow on this Sunday. There were more people out and about; more events and panels. Perhaps it's just me, but this year's conference has a great energy about it.

The Pearl Panel

Almost an hour and a half at one of the best panels I've ever been to: a panel on Google Spotlight series short animated film, Pearl. The director and several technical artists where there and gave such interesting speeches ending with a screening of the film in a traditional format (non-VR). I came away from this event convinced that VR filmmaking is uncharted waters. Even something as simple as deciding where/how to cut becomes a creative challenge. Man, did these guys do a great job.

Art Gallery

I spent most of my time in the Siggraph art gallery. Housed along with the Studio, Emerging Technologies and VR Village in a huge warehouse-like room. The design and layout of the gallery is perfect. The theme was data and how it impacts us every day. Artist were encourage to physicalize how data touches us and physically impacts us. Lots of beautiful work with only one or two pieces that were more conceptual than actual work (if you know what I mean).

One piece stood out: A shimmering cube of lights and sound that reacted to those who touched it. I forget the name right (I'll be sure and note this tomorrow). You just couldn't take your eyes of of the installation. Better yet, you didn't want to stop walking through it to see how it would react. Something out of a Stanislaw Lem novel, is what I kept thinking. Brilliant

Daytime Selects

Ended the day watching an hour or so of animation. This program selection was devoted to covering the winners over the last 6 years at Siggraph. Amazing work. Although I have to say the Pixar/Dreamwork aesthetic was by far how most films looked and played. Only a few were more experimental and truly creative. These films stood out like crazy to me. Still, a very enjoyable experience.

Sorry for the missed Facebook live session today. My little ipad just couldn't handle the stream for some reason. But, you can to go to Renderosity's FB page and watch some of the video I posted from the Art Gallery.

See ya tomorrow!

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