Paint of Persia; New Pixel-Art Tool

Jul 01, 2016 at 09:40 pm by nemirc

[Source: dunin website]

Paint of Persia is an rotoscoping pixel-art tool where you can draw on top of any window or waalpaper or anything you want! It is specially made for pixel-art animation and sprites.


  • Scale and transparency control

enter image description here

  • Animation management

enter image description here

  • single frames or sprite sheet export (png or jpg).

enter image description here


Works with Windows 7+.

(if not, change the theme, classic/basic theme does not support transparency)
Please note that this is an alpha version and may contain bugs or missing options. Feel free to discuss about it in the forum...

For this reason, there is only a windows version for now. But you can download the "without nwjs" version and the nw.js build of your os, and try it. Note that you have to do some change on the manifest for linux versions (early version was working on ubuntu didn't test since).

You can download the alpha version of Paint of Persia at the main website:

Paint of Persia was created by dunin. You can contact him via the website above.

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