LIFE SUCKS! But at least I've Got Elbows

Jun 30, 2016 at 08:34 pm by nemirc

A single dad and his two kids contemplate the meaning of life in this hilarious new web series that the authors promise has something to offend everyone. The 90 sec episodes are perfect for sneaking out your phone to cheer yourself up while your disastrous date has gone to the bathroom.

'Life Sucks But At Least I've Got Elbows' mixes 3D animation and live action in an original way, depicting the protagonists as miniature, thumb sized, people who exist in our real world. The 12 episodes are each set in a different location as a precocious 9 year old girl pesters her philosophical father about life's big questions - Love, Death, Religion, etc. The dad gives an admirable stab at satisfying her curiosity between his son's irreverent interjections and traumatic memories of his ex-wife (who never appears on screen but this doesn't prevent us from learning all about her, umm, generous sexual lifestyle...) as we are reminded by a bizarre squawking bird: 'Life Sucks!'.

The series can be found on Facebook, YouTube and across social media. The first episode was released on June 8th with the first season finale planned at the end of August.

The show is the brainchild of Nicola Piovesan, whose short films have won over 50 awards internationally and is written with Matt Willis-Jones (who has only won 6 awards and complains he must put up with Nicola constantly sending pictures himself surrounded by his collection of glistening golden statuettes and beautiful women).

This is the 4th collaboration between the two, who met at the Skepto Film Festival in Sardinia in 2015. One feature film script, a tv series treatment and a short film later they have delivered, screaming into the light of the internet, 'Life Sucks! But At Least I've Got Elbows' - the perfect antidote to... Life.

Voicing the series are Michael McConnohie (the Dad) whose voice appears in the video games World of Warcraft, Mortal Kombat and Final Fantasy as well as TV series such as Transformers and Power Rangers. With the two kids played by the young talents of Lizzie Freeman and Hayley Nelson, while the voice of the bird is provided by Nicola himself.

'Life Sucks! But At Least I've Got Elbows' - playing at an internet near you! Don't miss it - that would really suck.

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