Nick's Notes: Trapcode Form 3

Jan 05, 2018 at 01:55 pm by nickcharles

In August, Red Giant released Trapcode Suite 14, which is a fantastic set of 11 tools for motion graphics and visual effects. Including the new Trapcode Particular 3 and Trapcode Form 3, plus an updated Trapcode Tao, Trapcode Suite 14 is a fantastic release you'll want to check out. Every tool in the suite runs on Mac and Windows and is compatible with Adobe After Effects, but some of the tools also work in additional host-applications. I'll be spotlighting individual tools within the suite over the coming weeks.

This week I'm putting the spotlight on Trapcode Form 3, which now features a Designer interface, a new graphing system for precision control, as well as more included presets, sprites and objects.

The thing to know about Trapcode Form is that, unlike Particular, the particles don't have a lifespan - they never die. So, basically you are working with particle grids. It's really a fascinating plug-in that you can get some wonderful results in, like dissolving effects. It's especially awesome for making animated backgrounds, which you can also have react to audio input.

First of all, the new Designer interface in Trapcode Form 3 is most welcome, making it easier to get started. With more than 70 preset effects included, you can have lots of fun right away. And like Particular, you have a library of over 270 sprites and polygons, so you can use any image in your comp as a particle by assigning it to one of these. The possibilities are indeed endless.

Just as Particular is able to use 3D objects as emitters, Trapcode Form 3 can use models as particle grids. Just grab one from Form's library of over 60 OBJs, or load an OBJ of your own. This is perhaps the coolest thing about Trapcode Form.

The new graphing system gives you more precise control over particle size, color, opacity, and dispersion, and especially animating these properties. You can either pick a preset curve or draw your own.

One thing to note with Form is that particles can cast shadows on other particles, and you can take full advantage of After Effects' 3D camera and lights to really make incredible compositions.

Like Trapcode Particular, I think Trapcode Form 3 is a must-have plug in. There are infinite uses for it, and just nothing quite like it anywhere.

Head over to Red Giant's website and see all the features of the new Trapcode Suite 14. Also on the website, you'll find plenty of resources for getting started with all of Red Giant's products. And know that you can purchase with confidence as their Red Pledge Guarantee makes sure you are happy with every purchase.


  • Trapcode Suite 14: $999.00 Full / $199.00 Upgrade
  • Trapcode Particular 3: $399.00 Full / $149.00 Upgrade

Be sure to check out a trial today!


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