Book Review: CorelDRAW X8 - The Official Guide

Apr 17, 2017 at 01:57 am by nickcharles

CorelDRAW X8: The Official Guide
uthor: Gary David Bouton
Published: January 16th 2017 (12th Edition)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Softback: 648 pages
7.4 x 1.6 x 9 inches

The internet is brimming with free video tutorials on any software you'd like to learn. Now, call me old-fashioned, but I still fancy learning software via the open book while at the computer. And, having discovered an affinity for CorelDRAW X8 software after reviewing it last year, I searched for a good, handy guide to get a deeper grasp on it. One such book that caught my eye was CorelDRAW X8: The Official Guide. The book's author, Gary David Bouton, has written 8 books on CorelDRAW, and to say he knows his way around the software would be an understatement.



At 648 pages, this is a big book with plenty of help on offer to pave your road to mastery of CorelDRAW software. And though it is titled as the official guide, it is in no way a regurgitation of the help that comes with the CorelDRAW software.

The book is organized into 9 parts, beginning with an introduction to familiarize yourself with CorelDRAW, including a look at the new features of the current version. Then, the author immediately has you dig right in with an impressive first project, which gives you a great kickstart and immediate interest in continuing on.



After the introductory part, the rest of the book follows a logical path, including: working with documents, an excellent section on the drawing tools, working with text, objects, and also great sections on creating the illusion of 3D and special effects in CorelDRAW. The last couple of sections delve into working in Corel PHOTO-PAINT, which is the bitmap editor included in the CorelDRAW graphics suite. The beauty of this book is that you can skip around to whatever you want to get a better understanding of.



The book is very thorough, and the author is clear in his instruction. With an easy-going style, and wit to match, the author shows you how to improve your workflow and get the most out of the software. Throughout the book there are plenty of tutorials to follow along with (prepared project files are available for download from the author's website), as well as fantastic tips.

While there is already plenty of help with available documentation and tooltips within CorelDRAW, having someone who has years of experience in using the software guide you along is exactly why this book works.



CorelDRAW X8: The Official Guide is a wonderful guide to learning the software, and author Gary David Bouton is an excellent instructor. It's well written, with tutorials and tons of tips scattered throughout. One thing to note is that the printed book does not contain color illustrations, whereas the Kindle version does. I really haven't found it to be a problem while following along with the lessons and tutorials. I feel it is still a really great reference to have. If you are interested in gaining a deeper working relationship with CorelDRAW and making the most of your work with it, I highly recommend checking this out.

Note: As of this writing, Corel has just released CorelDRAW 2017. While there are some new and exciting features in this new version, CorelDRAW X8: The Official Guide is still very much relevant as a guide to get you started in this software.

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