Book Review: Ray Gun by Eugene W. Metcalf & Frank Maresca

Oct 06, 2016 at 02:04 pm by -gToon

With the 50's scifi boom in the United States there came a corresponding demand for toys. The ray gun was the epitome of the classic 50's scifi toy. I still remember wanting that ray gun that the neighborhood kid used in the film It Came From Outer Space. Of course, this wave of excitement didn't just exist in the U.S., but there was considerable excitement in Japan (where toys are an obsession) and the United Kingdom.

Ray Gun 1

Ray Gun is THE definitive book on this wonderful and exciting toy. The authors introduce the book with a funny and enjoyable introduction to the ray gun toy whose history actually stretches back to the 1930's. The rectangular shape of the book allows for wonderful photos of the toy ray gun as it developed. Photographer Charles Bechtold was smart to place each ray gun toy on a diffuse, white background as this makes the perfectly photographed toys pop off of the page. The authors also include period ads and images in the book which adds to the mood and style of the book. Even the paste-downs at the front/rear of the book have great, colorful scifi pulp illustrations.

Ray Gun is a great book for the history buff, toy enthusiast and/or the 3D modeler who wants good photo reproductions of the classic toy ray gun.

Ray Gun 2


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