Tutamanta by MortemVetus

Aug 28, 2015 at 12:20 am by -gToon

Renderosity artist, MortemVetus, used Poser to pose a model created by NGartplay along with the "raven collar" costume piece created by Renderosity vendor LilFlame.

Tutamanta is striking and a bit intimidating on first viewing. Thankfully, MortemVetus has chosen to focus the angry bloodshot eyes towards something or someone off the frame to the left. The colors are wonderful and draw you in after the initial flash you get. I particularly love the subtle scaling on the forehead and in the left cheek. And the bird mask is perfectly placed on the face to obscure, but with a crafty design.

The image pulls you in and once you start looking deeper into the pose, the mood of the character changes. I wrote "angry" in the first paragraph, but it's more than that. There's a story behind this character. The diagonal placement in the frame gives emphasis to the emotion of the character: caught in the middle of a feeling emerging. Perhaps she's meeting a lover or encountering an enemy? MortemVetus has done a masterful job of leaving us wanting more.

..Needed to play with colour and couldn't resist Nancy's beautiful new character, she's unique and stunning :)

Tutamanta Qoya by NGartplay, Raven Collar by LilFlame... both RuntimeDNA -MortemVetus quote from their Renderosity Gallery

MortemVitus is a fantasy artist with a gift for depicting emotion and mood. You must visit their gallery at renderosity for more. I could have chosen any one of dozens of great artworks by MortemVitus. Be sure to visit their main mortemvetus.com website as well.

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