Mountains by ArtistKimberly

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My workflow consists of DAZ Studio 4.6 Pro 64-bit mode for Windows 8 by using 3Delight render, for about 6 days or so composing in DAZ Studio. It takes me about 33 minutes & 46 seconds rendering & about 35 minutes or so postwork in The GIMP and Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0 for Windows 8.

The base figure here is Genesis 2 Female. Victoria 6. And she is Jillian. Created by: Countess & Silver and Genesis 2 Male. And, he is Brandon. Also created by: Countess & Silver for Michael 6. Both are at . -ArtistKimbery on "Mountains"

ArtistKimberly, reminds me so much of the great pin-up artists like Vargas and Gil Elvgren, but with a punk/edge sensibility. Also, unlike those classic artists, ArtistKimberly likes to create pairs of pin-ups in scenes tinged with voyeurism and perhaps danger. This sensibility is a far cry from the wholesome leggy pin-up women of the past. In fact, when looking at the oddly titled Mountains, you get the feeling that the one in charge of the situation is the female, while the male looks passively on in the background.

Power and sex are so beautifully presented in this work of art that it's easy to miss the crafting of the scene. There's an almost illustrated/cartoon quality to the scene that gives it an edge of unreality; like a science-fiction scene from a novel by Philip K. Dick.

Mountains also has a masterful use of color and texture: the red of the couch matching the red of her boots. And the blacks are truly black. The deep colors support the erotic charge of the scene. And like great artworks, the scene reveals itself slowly to the viewer. Everyone is a voyeur in Mountains. The viewer is looking at the female while she gazes back provocatively, but with a sense of fun. The male is looking at the female while the reflections in the scene all give mirror images. It's a trap almost, but with a mood of sexy play.

ArtistKimberly is a master at this particular kind of erotic pin-up art, but the skill in which the artist stages the scenes give them a depth that is often missing from this kind of work. You almost want to see the movie that would be made from the artist's scene. The costumes would be so great!

I am Kimberly Kay,

I am 30 years old and live in Anderson, Indiana in the USA. If you have found your way, here it is because you're interested in finding out more about me, my artwork and for that I greatly appreciate that. Now though, where to start? Well I've probably been doing 3d art since the early 2000. I joined Renderosity I think in 2005.

Ever since I was a little kid, I was always able to pick up a pen or pencil, sketch and draw pretty much anything that came to my mind. However, I always enjoy drawing the intricateness of Angels. The human forms the face and its many expressions; the fabrics how they move and flow and blow in the wind and individual feathers. It's just always been something I've been able to just pick up and do.

As far as past art experience goes. I've played in oil paints and watercolor paintings. I did submit several of my pieces into The Children's Museum when I was younger. So I've always had a love for all the arts. I was good at sculpting things out of clay and I always love playing with dolls. I am a transgendered woman so as a little child my mother wasn't too happy with me playing with dolls. So now that I'm older, I just can't get enough of playing with dolls and doing my art and that's why I fell in love with the whole 3d art thing. I probably got my whole 3d start in IMVU. Once I found out about that, I wanted to find out more and there I found Daz studios...

So, there's just a little of the past.

Now I'm more interested in perfecting my skills keeping in the same theme of what I like to do: which is trendy modern up-to-date realistic art work trying to get human figures to look as realistic as possible, surrounded in opulent environments... -ArtistKimberly's bio at Renderosity

Be sure to stop by ArtistKimberly's gallery at Renderosity to see more of her delicious artworks. Her figures and scenes are beautiful and so carefully crafted you'll be hard-pressed to choose a favorite.

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