That's No Moon by ShawnDriscoll

Aug 28, 2015 at 05:20 am by -gToon

Modeled in Hexagon. Textured in Carrara and 3D-Coat. Rendered in modo. Postwork in FotoSketcher.

Renderosity artist, ShawnDriscoll, has created a classic scifi-illustration with his wonderful "That's No Moon." Even the title harkens back to the comic dialogue of fifties scifi paperbacks. Two guys on a lonely astroid outpost are goofing off on their job thinking the approaching object is simply a moon. When it's too late, they realize they've been fooled and will probably be incinerated by the laser beam coming from the middle of the warship. Of course, this is all made up from reading countless paperbacks over the years. The artist--rightfully so--leaves the context to the viewers imagination.

That's No Moon shares a color palette and framing with artists like Robert McCall. The texturing in particular gives the feeling of paint on canvas. Colors are arranged to bring your focus to the red laser at the center. It's a masterful use of color and lighting.

And like most great works of art, That's No Moon wants you to ask questions about the image. In fact, the image becomes a scene in Shawn's hands. Who is inside the ship? Why are they firing this laser beam? Is it an attack or a rescue ship?

ShawnDriscoll has fantastic skills as a digital artist, just view his main gallery at Renderosity and you'll see why. But what he has extra is the ability to tell a story with his work. His images are filled with depth so that the 2 dimensions of the canvas/screen fade away into the world he is depicting. I just love his work.

Here, he is introducing himself and his work at Renderosity:

Hello everyone! This is Shawn. My art style begins with an exaggerated subject which I then slowly refine into something approaching a more realistic scene.

Out of all the modeling programs I have, Hexagon 1.21 is the main one I model with. I use 3DCoat for UV mapping and some occasional spray painting. I use Carrara Pro for illustrations. For photo-real rendering, I use either modo or Vue Infinite.

CG has been a hobby for me since 1983. I started on the TIMEX Sinclair 2068 using VU-3D. Then with Windows 3.11, I got hooked on Vista Pro. Windows 95 found me using Bryce 2, Poser 2, then Ray Dream >Designer 3.* -ShawnDriscoll, bio at

ShawnDriscoll deserves you spending time in their gallery. Especially if you love fantasy and scifi art. He's inventive and skilled at creating scenes that stay in your memory and that's not easy to do.

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