The Morning Start for Home by Pashiel

Sep 02, 2015 at 02:19 pm by -gToon

The Morning Start for Home by Pashiel

Renderosity artist, Pashiel, used Rhino 3D to create this remarkable work of art. The Morning Start for Home is so beautifully crafted that it reminds me of the works of Vermeer: a window into another world. Morning Start also suggests more than it depicts, which is the hallmark of all great works of art. You want to know who is on that ship and why are they going home; what kind of experiences did they have on that slip of land you can see just to the right of the frame.

The Morning Start for Home also captures the mood of its title; the rhythm of the waves suggest a slow departure. The mood of the morning, with its soft light, is perfectly expressed. The entire feeling of the image is one of cool quietude, perhaps even regret.

Pashiel is also an excellent photographer and his gallery at Renderosity is filled with beautiful and expressive photos. In a sense, this image is photographic as well: a snapshot of a moment in time.

I highly recommend visiting Pashiel's gallery to see more of his wonderful art works.

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